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  1. Mama fluff

    Respiratory symptoms young cockerel

    How do you know if and when to treat for respiratory infection? I have a 12 week old cockerel that seems like he has a stuffy nose! He was making whistling sounds when breathing and also breaths loudly like his nose is stuffy , there is no nasal discharge or eye bubbles and I listen to his back...
  2. Mama fluff

    Need help getting rid of mites!!!

    Can someone help me please ?? I lost a hen today to mites!! Found her dead in run ! Saw mites crawling over her face! I took out everything in the coop today and sprayed with permethrin and dusted all birds with poultry dust !! How do I know if it worked ? Or how long will it take ? Any other...
  3. Mama fluff

    Weak sick polish hen need experienced help!!

    Sorry this might be long, gonna try and explain situation! I’ve had chickens for 3 years now, still learning, the worse thing I’ve had to deal with was wry neck which I was successful with I don’t have much experience with Coccidiosis or respiratory diseases! I want to give all the details so I...
  4. Mama fluff

    What feed for silkies?

    My flock consists of silkies and showgirls, I’ve read that silkies do better with a higher protein diet? But I also read too much protein is not good ? What is a good % of protein for silkies? And can you recommend a good feed ! I’ve been using layer 16% from tractor supply but also offering...
  5. Mama fluff

    Sneezing and does not lay eggs?

    Wasn’t sure where to post this but I have a hen who is almost two years old she has been sneezing since she was a chick ! ( I bought her as a day old chick) no other symptoms except she has literally only laid maybe 2 or 3 eggs in her life! She eats and drinks and is normal otherwise!! I was...
  6. Mama fluff

    Possible Coccidiosis

    Found this on my poop tray!! First thoughts Coccidiosis? However none of my chickens have any signs no sickness ! They are eating , drinking and as active as usual in 30 degree weather! I’m literally with them everyday and spend time with them and nobody seems sick ! Would it hurt to treat with...
  7. Mama fluff

    Identifying color of chick

    Can anyone tell me what color these chicks are ? I’m familiar with the basic colors ! I don’t know any of the parents They are from hatching eggs ! Thank you
  8. Mama fluff

    Help sexing silkies

    I have 14 eight week old silkies most of them I can tell the sex a few I’m not sure of ! I’m hoping these two are girls can anyone tell if these are pullets or is it still too early to tell ? Thanks
  9. Mama fluff

    Sexing showgirls

    Can anybody help me with the sex of this showgirl? I purchased 3 showgirl pullets 2 months ago I was told they were 12 weeks old at that time ! So far I had no reason to believe they weren’t pullets but just recently one “Ginger” started getting what looks like streamers to me also sickle...
  10. Mama fluff

    Chickens need to be put in coop every night !!

    I have a mix of silkies and showgirls and 3 out of 22 have to physically be put into coop every night and they are not new to this routine they are 8 months old ! I’ve had them from hatch , I have two coops each 8x10 so they are not overcrowded, they wait for me every night to put them on roosts...
  11. Mama fluff

    New members

    Hi , I just joined byc I looking forward to getting to know other members and sharing chicken stories! I’ve been raising chickens for two years now so I’m kinda a newbie , I currently have 40 chickens that consist of mostly silkies and showgirls both smooth and frizzled along with two polish and...
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