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  1. Sprinkleslover

    Polish Roo and Cochin Frizzle roo need home

    I have a Polish Golden Laced roo and a Red Cochin Frizzle bantams that need a home. The Polish is around 16 weeks and the Cochin is about 14 weeks. They are at separate locations. The polish is in a flock of 11 and the Cochin has been with only one RIR. The Cochin is skittish and gets a little...
  2. Sprinkleslover

    Coop design or "special needs" chickens?

    My coop has been purchased, put together, and hopefully coyote proofed. I started the 8 wk olds introduction to the coop from the box a few days ago. They took to the feeder fairly quick while keeping them outside the box housing. Once the larger red goes in, she never comes back out to eat or...
  3. Sprinkleslover

    Newbie to this place

    Hello All, I have had chickens off and on throughout life. My grandmaw would send me out to get the eggs out the coup. I've had RI. Reds and Plymoth Rocks. This spring we have a plethera of 10 brown layers, 4 top notch bantums, and 1 Frizzle Bantum (below). I love the personalities of the...
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