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  1. bird_nerd

    James Marie Farms

    Does anyone know if everything is alright at James Marie Farms? I placed an order in October and was supposed to receive it in November and I never did, and since November I have emailed 4 times and called and left messages 2-3 times and haven’t received any response. I’m not mad at all and I...
  2. bird_nerd

    Duckling emergency ?

    I just received an order of 25 ducklings from Metzer. 3 were doa and 1 just died and is bleeding from the mouth and vent--I went back and checked the doa ducklings and they all have dried blood around their mouths. I called Metzer and they said they have never had this problem and believe it to...
  3. bird_nerd

    Chicken 911

    Ok guys, my local veterinarian is unable to see my chicken until Monday, which will for sure be too late, I think. She is a 4.5 month old blue ameraucana from Meyer, I had her vaccinated by the hatchery. I have about 60 chickens total and they all appear healthy, they're all super spoiled so I...
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