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  1. mysweetgypsy

    Egg color doesn't change? Do the spots?

    I have a few hens (left), a BO, an EE, a BLRW, and a Columbian. I was getting tan spotted eggs from the buff, ( I caught her laying) then I found some smaller cream colored eggs, I thought they must be the columbians. But then I got different shades of very light brown, kind of cream, some with...
  2. mysweetgypsy

    What would turn a chickens nostrils black? Photo

    I had a 24week old BO hen, she had paralysis that started in one leg and progressed, (not the classic Mareks position-one foot forward and one back), weight loss, and then yesterday I noticed her nostrils had turned black? They weren't plugged, or runny, but black on the inside, and down her...
  3. mysweetgypsy

    Horse wormer for chickens? PLZ Help!!

    I need to worm my crew. At least I'm hoping it will help with some health issues we have going on. So what horse wormer can I get that will be a broad spectrum chicken wormer? Ivermectin, fenbendezol(sp)? I just want to kill as much as I can in one shot And whichever you suggest please tell me...
  4. mysweetgypsy

    Hen can't keep her balance?

    BO hen 20+ weeks old, not laying, had cocci at 6 wk old, seemed to recover fully. Recently started staggering when she ran. And laying down a bit more. Thought it might be an electrolyte, vit, mineral deficiency so I started a suppliment yesterday. Today the red skin around her eyes is...
  5. mysweetgypsy

    Little buff silkie...?

    Ok I was 99% sure this was a pullet, I still think it's likely a pullet, but she got into a huge fight with my blue roo this morning. "Huge" is relative I guess as it was the tamest fight ever! But she reared up, was hopping, flapping, kicking, feathers all puffed...and then she ran My silkies...
  6. mysweetgypsy

    Pullet died, 36+ hours later no rigamortis!?

    I had a BO pullet, roughly 18-20 weeks old, die a few days ago, (Tuesday midday). I was saving the hen for a necropsy, she was in a box in the cellar. Yesterday I decided to put her in a bag in the freezer, as the lab is taking FOREVER. After 36+ hours she's still very soft and pliable. No...
  7. mysweetgypsy

    Last chance hen. Mareks? Cocci? Help!

    Hello, I have a sad little BO hen about 20 weeks old. When she was 6 weeks I had an out break of Cocci in the flock, she was one of the two that alerted me to it. I treated the lot and everyone survived, but she was never 100% after that. Now all these weeks later she is deteriorating. Puffy...
  8. mysweetgypsy

    Please tell me what it is?

    I'm hoping someone can tell me what this is? Breed and sex? I know what I was told I was buying, but now I want to know what I really got It's about 18 weeks, has not crowed or layed, sometimes acts like a hen, sometimes acts like a roo-just to screw with me It has very green legs Thanks
  9. mysweetgypsy

    All the chickens are acting like roosters?!

    I have a small flock. The following were ordered as pullets, 2 BO, 2 Ameraucana, 1 Columbian Wyandotte. The rest were straight run, 4 silkies and 6 BLRW. I was almost sure I had them all figured out, and then today one of my "hens" was fighting with the confirmed silkie roo, and my largest "roo"...
  10. mysweetgypsy

    BLRW characteristics? Hen, roo? LOST!!

    I didn't see any BLRW threads in the first few pages so I'm looking for some expert advise. I have 6 chicks, straight run, who are now 6 weeks old. Purebred, farm raised, (not by me), but I am at a total loss as to what sex they are!? 4 look similar in shape, and comb size and color. Do all roos...
  11. mysweetgypsy

    Weird question? Sweetened Condensed milk ok for chickens?

    I had some Sweetened Condensed Milk left over from baking. I have a sad little hen with a crooked beak that I often make special meals for, can I pour some of this in? Just don't want to make her sick
  12. mysweetgypsy

    What do I need in my chicken medicine cabinet?

    I am ordering some meds and want to know what people usually keep in their chicken medicine cabinet. What is a must? What have you found to be really useful? And who is the best supplier online? I just want to be prepared. Thanks
  13. mysweetgypsy

    Sulmet may be deleted from TSCs inventory permanently!

    My hens were sick a couple weeks ago and my lcoal TSC was out of Sulmet (powder). The tag was still out, and the space was empty, so I waited a week and went back. I gave the girls some Corid, but wanted to stock up on Sulmet. Long story short I went in today and was told they may not carry it...
  14. mysweetgypsy

    Silkies, 15 weeks, what are they?!!! Ton of pics:)

    There are several pics, I did my best. There are 4 silkies, 1 splash, 1 blue & gold, 1 partridge, 1 buff. I think the buff is a hen, I think the blue is a roo, but really I have NO idea. No crowing, they all fight on rare occasions, the blue has brought the others food before. I'll try to label...
  15. mysweetgypsy

    Listless, hunched over, and puffed up? 10 weeks old. What's wrong?!

    I have two hens, about 10 weeks old, one Buff, one Columbian, both are listless, hunched over, and all fluffed up. I just put them in a brand new coop, along with the rest of the group (total of 10 chickens), everyone else seems fine so far. The first 24 hours the food and water supply was not...
  16. mysweetgypsy

    Maine- How do I go about testing my flock for NPIP?

    I'm from Maine so I'm hoping someone from around here will see this:) I just started keeping chickens again and wasn't sure about the NPIP test. Should I have it done? If so how do I go about doing such a thing? I will have 12 or less, only one rooster, no showing just eggs and pets. Any info...
  17. mysweetgypsy

    Can an 8wo silkie exhibit rooster behavior, or just a fluke? (pic)

    I just picked up a few 8wo silkies and after about 24 hours introduced them to my 5wo pullets. Everyone seems to get on great, those silkies are awesome! But my blue one started acting like a roo? I threw in a heel of whole grain bread, as a treat. He took off with it, dropped it and started...
  18. mysweetgypsy

    Does anyone think they can guess 8wo silkies?

    I just bought a great little batch of silkies. 3 are about 8 weeks, one is about 6 weeks. If anyone wants to guess as to the sex I'd love to hear it, but I'm not sure what pictures you would need. To me they all look the same, cute and fluffy. Tell me what I should shoot and I'll do my best. I'd...
  19. mysweetgypsy

    Silkie sleeping face down?

    I just got a gorgeous little 8wo silkie that seems to like sleeping face down. I've only had it a few hours but I keep jumping when I see the bird flat out in the box. When I approach it looks up, if I attemp to pick it up it runs, so over all totally normal behavior. I've just never seen a...
  20. mysweetgypsy

    What is the best size nesting box for large breed hens?

    I'm an Architecture student designing and building my own coop this week. I have everything laid out, but am not sure what nesting box size would be best for large breed hens? I have a handful of pullets that won't be laying for a few months. The breeds range in size from Buff Orpingtons (full...
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