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  1. kimberly35042


    Hi guys -- I haven't had much time to post lately...busy summer and way too many geese, but I'm putting my swedish flower hens up for sale. I have 2 pair at point of lay hatched in April. Make me an offer -- I prefer local pickup, but will put on auction and ship if I have too. They are...
  2. kimberly35042

    Is this Blue or Powder Blue?? Updated at 7 weeks old !!

    Hi everyone -- I know there are a couple of people with the blue and rare powder blue sebbies. Does anyone have a picture of theirs as a gosling or can tell me if this guy is a blue or possibly powder blue saddleback? He's up front--much more silvery than his grey saddleback hatchmates but...
  3. kimberly35042

    Do American Blues "auto sex" at hatch??

    So I was looking at last year's pics of my frantic HWF bargain assortment as company for my sebbie that hatched by herself and noticed how different the female/male blue goslings looked. You know how female WHITE sebs are born usually much darker than males? Well, when these goslings arrived...
  4. kimberly35042

    Sebastopol Goose Color Question-- Light Buff Splash?? -- Pic HEAVY!

    Hi everyone -- well, Henry officially has company of his own "feather"--the CURLY kind of course I lucked out and found a flock of sebs original 2 pair purchased as Elite Show Quality from Holderreads. Anyway, one of the youngsters is an amazing light buff color and I'm wondering exactly what...
  5. kimberly35042

    Embden color question -- born white and now has some grey

    Have you ever had an embden born yellow, first molt is white and then develop some grey? craziest thing I've ever seen. Got him/her with a bargain assortment from Holderread's in May and its a beautiful bird with stunning blue eyes and the overall embden look but getting grey feather on the...
  6. kimberly35042

    Are geese as "hissy" as ganders? Edited to include PICS!

    I have a lovely 6 pack of geese, a saddleback seb and 5 playmates shipped from Holderreads in May. Holderreads sent 2 blue americans, 2 lavender americans and an embden. All lovely beautiful birds. The ones that I suspect are geese have each hissed at the farm dog. I know its possible that...
  7. kimberly35042

    does anyone have a flock of Indian Runners from Holderreads ?

    I'm on the hunt for some eggs from good stock "upright" indian runners prefer Holderread heritage and LOVE penciled. Please let me know if anyone has some hatching eggs for sale. Thanks!!
  8. kimberly35042

    Call duck's first egg? Is this possible?

    I hatched 2 call ducks back on March 1. I had an "odd" egg on the yard this morning. Creamy white and fairly large. The runner ducks lay tinted eggs. Is it possible an 11 week old bantam duck laid an egg????? I haven't seen them mate although she had a nice flight halfway across the pond this...
  9. kimberly35042

    help with Holderread assortment???? PICS!!

    so I have 1 darling seb hatch all by his onesies. I know this the week before as the other eggs look like bacteria growing (yuck!) and I get on list at Holderread's (GREAT PEOPLE!!!) and order minimum of bargain assortment geese which is 4. They ship Monday afternoon and I call the P.O. on...
  10. kimberly35042

    Call ducks -- what am I ??

    so I ordered call duck eggs from NY in January and arrived in Alabama in a freak ice storm. And did i mention it was the first time I've ever even looked at an incubator--thank you neighbor! Anyhoo, I have 2 beautiful and very clever youngsters. one is a pied female, PIPER. She's very loud and...
  11. kimberly35042

    Look what the Easter Bunny brought me!!! (pics w/ color questions) !!

    So, I honestly didn't think when I put these in the incubator they would hatch to have 2 day old babies on Easter. I mean really ducklings on Easter?? How sweet is that?? Anyway, I have a fawn and white duck with a white drake. I'm pretty sure the 2 yellowish babies will look like their momma...
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