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  1. Betny991

    Khaki Campbell vanished. Please help.

    I adopted two khaki Campbell’s as babies and have had them since. They are free range and always go to their coop at night without fail. They have been free range for over a month now. They are around 3 months old. This morning as per usual we let them both out and they were perfectly fine then...
  2. Betny991

    Fox in the hen house.

    For months it seems I have had issues with an unseen creature of the night taking my precious chickens to there death only leaving clumps of feathers around. I have always said it was a fox but had no proof. I was being told all sorts of things it was but I wasn’t sure. It has destroyed coops...
  3. Betny991

    Chicken being bullied

    My chicken we believe is a hen but aren’t certain is bullied all the time by roosters the chicken has been here the same amount of time as everyone else and they all get along except this one. I refer to it as a she. She is chased and pinned down and attacked by all the roosters all the time...
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