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    Please post all ads in the appropriate BST section. Thanks ~Staff
  2. Kay56

    Coop almost complete...needing input on run please

    Hi...Our coop is almost finished (insulating, wall board, caulking, and some minor fixes left) but our run is giving us a fit because of the design the coop is . We TRIED to make the run to match the coop profile and it is just impossible....too many angles that could cause problems later on...
  3. Kay56

    Chickens and wild great are the risks??/

    Hi...I am new here and will be receiving my "chicks" in May. My question is: I have lots of wild birds who frequent my feeders and birdbath each day and I need to know if I will have to remove them from my yard so the chickens can free range when not in their coop and run. We so very much...
  4. Kay56


    HI...we are finishing up our coop (if the weather will cooperate) and need some advice on the run area. We are going to make it 5 x 12 but do not know if we should make it short, or tall enough for me to walk in. It will be covered in 1/2 inch hardware cloth all over as well as the floor area...
  5. Kay56

    Snakes, mice and other small predators

    If I put 1/2 inch hardware cloth under, over and around my run and coop as well as every imaginable opening will that be able to keep out snakes and mice??
  6. Kay56


    Hi Everyone...I was in search for about a month for 2 small windows that would work for our chicken coop. Well after looking at every MAJOR home supply place, used window places, newspaper, craigslist and internet I came across "SHED WINDOWS AND MORE" Anyways, they came in 2 days and are...
  7. Kay56

    Who have you had good luck ordering chicks from??

    Hi...I am working on our coop right now and want to get my order in for Spring chicks. I want to get Australorps, Barred Plymouth Rock and Orpingtons. I will not be able to get more than about 8-10 at this time (until I learn what to do). Who have you all had good luck with as far as ordering...
  8. Kay56

    Virginia Newbie

    Hi Everyone I am from Fincastle, Virginia. I am interested in raising chickens and my hubby and I are going to start a coop this month so we can soon order chicks. I truly know nothing about chicken farming and am hoping with help from you all and this web site we can make a great go of it...
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