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    4 eggs in one day!

    Why is it impossible? I have been trying to research.
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    4 eggs in one day!

    Funny part is that my first one to lay, Chunkay laid 3 and I watched her do it. No doubts about that. So I figured that was ok; but this morning and Exodus seeming like she laid 4 has me very confused. My girl Chunkay died a few weeks ago. So maybe Lizzie or Raven? Would they lay together at...
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    4 eggs in one day!

    My newest layer, Exodus was making all kinds of noises this am. I watched her for a few walk around the yard and she seemed fine. I figured she is just getting used to needing to lay and so I left her be. I checked her favorite nest on my way out ( ours are free range) and it was empty so I went...
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    When chicken Stops Laying.

    Hi, I was recently reminded today that my chickens will one day stop laying. I knew this and always shrugged my shoulders to the people who always said to "Cook them up". I always just told them they are 'pets'; but now i am thinking.... What happens when they DO stop laying and I have 23...
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    Country Living With A Twist

    Country Living With A Twist
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    Living A Farmers Dream

    I need to go ahead and say, I am new to all things chicken! I have wanted chickens for as long as I can remember, but was always under the impression that one needs a farm or at least some other crazy farming skills to keep and provide for them properly. It wasn't until the new 'chicken...
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