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  1. lonna

    Mama hens playing musical chairs

    So I have a buff Orphington and an Australorp that have been "setting" for 2 weeks now. They are right next to each other in the laying boxes. The strange thing is that they keep switching back and forth between the boxes. It is so random. Not everyday... But every few days or so. Any...
  2. lonna

    Boys or girls

  3. lonna

    Help!!! I don't want to slauther my hens b/c I'm too inexperienced to recognize the difference

    Can you help make sure these are roosters before we harvest them for meat. They are roughly 16-18 weeks. All mix breeds. We have several kinds of hens at our place-- RIR, Buffs, Minoras, Black Giants, Salmon Favoralles, Russian Orloffs, Domiineckers, and white Leghorns--as far as the...
  4. lonna

    Looking for russian orloffs

    I have a hen- would love to have a rooster so we can make babies! any thoughts on where/how to get a breeding age russian orloff rooster in Arkansas.
  5. lonna

    Check this little doll out.

    Sorry- just got the pic loaded
  6. lonna

    Check this little doll out.

    Ok, he has 4 toes, fuzzy legs, and is 2 weeks old and still not feathered out--he/she is just a ball of gray cotton balls. Any ideas on what breed she/ he is?--oh, he's a bantam.
  7. lonna

    Name that breed-- please?

  8. lonna

    Need an experienced eye.

    I just posted pics of some of our chickens on my site--would love comments on the breed--we are new to this, so any opinion is a valuable one! Thanks.
  9. lonna

    Straight run!

    Thanks for the info--good to know for future orders.
  10. lonna

    Straight run!

    So I ordered a batch of day old bantams from murray/McMurray hatchery. They should be here Monday. I really wanted hens only, but all the bantams were listed as straight run? Do ya'll know of a hatchery that sexes bantams? Sure hope I don't get all Roos....I love my Roos, but we are already...
  11. lonna

    The threesome has broken up!

    So, I have a pair of bantam hens and 1 bantam rooster-- they all free range with the rest of the chicken everyday--and he gets to practice "free love" all day . At night, however, they all three share a small house away from the other chickens--lately, one of the hens is separating herself from...
  12. lonna

    When to eat a rooster?

    They all free range-- only in the fence when they are asleep or laying-- guess ill have to make dumplings and stew... :)
  13. lonna

    When to eat a rooster?

    Ok, so I hatched 50 of my own eggs a few months ago ( the oldest are 12 weeks, youngest are 6 weeks). They are standard mixed-- EE, Black Giants, Minorcas, leghorns, buffs--I am not exactly sure which are pullers and which are roos, but I am certain I will need to kill several Roos ( 50%...
  14. lonna

    Cockerel or pullet?

    Any tips on identifying a rooster vs hen at 8-12 weeks.... We have a big mix of chickens- some giant and some bantams...any suggestions, or should I wait till they crow?
  15. lonna

    Mixed birds make what kind of eggs?

    I have 1 EE rooster from McMurray--got him last year with my 30 hens---he slid in by mistake I guess. Anyway, I hatched several of his offspring with my other chickens-- RIRs, Buff Orpingtons, Minorcas, salmon Favoralles, white leghorns, cuckoos, Dominique. Will this new batch of chicks...
  16. lonna

    Not using the perches

    So I took some of ya'lls advice and it seemed to work. I placed them all, one by one, on the roosting sites we built... They first held onto my fingers, but then jumped to the perch site...tonight about 1/2 did it on their own:). Thx for the tips.
  17. lonna

    Needing some help

    Oh, thnx.
  18. lonna

    Needing some help

    Good lord I feel like a total idiot--I can't figure out how to post pics of my little sweethearts--any suggestions?
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