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  1. beach livin'

    orpington maybe? what is your guess

    ill try an get a pic of the spurs. i did look at them this morning, and they look kinda rounded off and stubby.
  2. beach livin'

    orpington maybe? what is your guess

    he did come with a name. Ellwood. So we call him Ellwood Chickenwood. Also, if you could estimate an age. He does crow, but kinda sounds hoarse. Kinda like a chickenduck. LOL
  3. beach livin'

    orpington maybe? what is your guess

    got him from spca, and they had no idea about breed or age. they know he came from my island, but didnt know anything else. owner surrender is al they had.
  4. beach livin'

    newbie at this

    i ahve had my girls for a while now, and today i got another call from our local spca. they have had a roo for more than a month, and finally convinced me to get him. he is beautiful!!! how on earth do i start this? just put one of the girls in his enclosure with him? do i leave her for a few...
  5. beach livin'

    not normal behavior

    been watching her in the yard. she has distanced herself from the other girls and is moving slowly. she is also breathing with an open beak, and i can see her vent opening and closing with each breath.
  6. beach livin'

    not normal behavior

    alpha hen not acting her self. got home from work and 3 hens ran to the gate to be let out into the yard. my alpha is usually the first one there. but today she was up under the coop with her tail down. she came out and drank a bit of water then went to the yard. i just looked out, and she was...
  7. beach livin'

    Portsmouth, VA Chicken Laws?

    hope you all find the answers you need and they are what you want to hear :) I lived in Portsmouth for a while' was stationed at the CG Base. Oh the memories! Try and get a hold of your local agriculture division at the county offices. They should have some answers for you.
  8. beach livin'

    Insulating A Coop in North Carolina

    im over in manteo. we dont have any insulation for our girls. they should be fine :) nice to have you here
  9. beach livin'

    Tempory or portable fencing ideas and recommendations?

    how many birds are you going to have? I have 4, and when I first got them, I didnt trust they would stay around the house. I used a dog kennel, and had my husband mount wheels on it. i used the wheels off an old broke-down push mower. attach it to the back of your mower and just slowly drag it...
  10. beach livin'

    A Local Artice

    I live on an island inside a string of barrier islands off the coast of North Carolina. To those that have ventured here, you would probably not think chickens would really fit the environment. On the contrary :) Im glad to see that more locals are getting interested in raising their own...
  11. beach livin'

    Help! Has she gone broody?

    i had to break my broody girl also. what i ended up doing was taking her out of the nest after i got home from work on thursday and put her in my dogs old crate. i gave her food and water. i left her over night in it, and the entire next day as well. i let her rejoin the other girls when i got...
  12. beach livin'

    preventing a muddy mess

    my run is dirt. but not this time of the year. its more of a compacted mud. the news is calling for a nasty weekend, so before the storm hits, i was going to rake up pinestraw and leaves. if i throw a good layer down in the run, do you think it will help with the muddy mess? or in your...
  13. beach livin'

    Need help

    ok, so here is what i just did. tell me if you think it will work. i set up my dog crate in the shed. didnt put any straw down, but gave food and water. turned off the light and shut the door. she now has no access to the nesting boxes or other hens. think it might break her broodiness?
  14. beach livin'

    Need help

    this is really starting to affect the others egg laying. the other hens have been steady with an egg a day, but now im lucky to get 2 in all.
  15. beach livin'

    Need help

    I have a broody hen, and she has been like since around Friday. I held her up, and husband said she has picked her belly feathers, and I could actually feel the bare skin when I lifted her off the nest. Neither of us are home during the day, so we cant remove eggs. She has also not laid an egg...
  16. beach livin'

    cps family placement

    i would suggest talking to their case worker, and see what she suggests. best of luck!
  17. beach livin'

    Anyone with "Clomid" experience?

    Im feeling a little defeated... I am looking for others experiences, success, and failures when it comes to Clomid. I have one son, and have been trying for the past 4 years to conceive again with my husband. I have just finished round 4 of the medication.
  18. beach livin'

    "terquoise" moldy poop

    glad i cleaned out the coop then. thanks for your help.
  19. beach livin'

    "terquoise" moldy poop

    so i noticed a couple days ago that there were mounds of terquoise colored poop, and it had started to sprout mold. it has been extremely wet here the past couple days and the run is compacted. i opened up the coop door to turn the straw and noticed the top layer of poop was also terquoise in...
  20. beach livin'

    egg yolk color

    my yolks do not seem to be as dark and bright as they were when they first satrted laying. granted, they are not milky yellow like from the store. but they are still not the "orange" that i feel they should be. any specific nutrient you think they are missing? they get a layer crumble...
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