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  1. MaMaBikerChic

    Egg Shelf Life

    Another quick question. I know I read it before but I can't find it. How long can you keep fresh eggs in frig? I also think I remember something about wiping them with oil and keeping them at room temp!?
  2. MaMaBikerChic

    Gaping hole on neck

    No kidding. This looked really bad and with the tempiture getting warmer I figured infection would kill her. I was ready to put her out of her misery but the wife said give her a chance. We did and now she's back to normal. Go figure.
  3. MaMaBikerChic

    Gaping hole on neck

    Just adding my two cents here. About a month ago, one of our Red Sex Pullets had a gaping hole in her neck. It looked like something took a 1 1/2" bite starting right behind her ear. First thing I did was come on here and find out how to treat this. I completly forgot about Blu Kote. I grew up...
  4. MaMaBikerChic

    Eating First Eggs

    This might be a stupid question but when can you? I've read on hear that the first few eggs might be messed up sometimes. The first two we cracked open and they looked alright. Any thoughts?
  5. MaMaBikerChic

    first eggs!

    Congrats on first eggs! We have 10 "Red Sex Pullets" that we got in March from Tractor Supply too.We don't know for sure what they are except they don't like meal worms but just about tear down the door to get they're daily oatmeal. We have the feeder in a tote we stand on end to try and keep...
  6. MaMaBikerChic

    Need advice...going outside for the first time?

    Howdy. Ours are about 3 weeks old and for the last week, as long as it was over 70, we've been taking them out to a pen we made for a hour or so. Made the pen big enough for the wife and girls to get in and put a tote on its side with shavings in it. When they start getting tired or chilled...
  7. MaMaBikerChic

    chick temperature

    Howdy. We're new to the chicken thing to. Our peeps are about 3 weeks with a few feathers. At first did the 95 degree but none of ours would even venture down to that end. So I backed the light out and angled it so some of the light went into the brooder. Temp stays between 80-85 and they seem...
  8. MaMaBikerChic

    Howdy all !!!

    We've been talking about getting some chicks for a year. Hubby want's eggs and BBQ but I told him if I have to feed and care for them they're my babies. Hey, as much chicken we go threw, might as well grow our own, Right?! Anyway, after reading a lot of the forums, we decided that with nine...
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