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  1. kysilkies

    Incubator I built for our use

    We only keep 120-160 eggs going at a time but it will hold over 400 at max capacity. Made it out of plywood, plexiglass Windows, 1 hot water heater thermostat, 5x100w bulbs and 2 fans. With cost of 4 auto turners added to it, we spent less than $250.
  2. kysilkies

    Our homemade incubator - 400 egg capacity

    When it came time to add a fifth 'styro' type incubator I decided to build one big one... It measures 31.5"x32"x19", it has 4x100w & 1x75w bulbs, 2 fans and it's run with a hot water heater thermostat...We're currently running 4 racks(164 eggs) with a max capacity of 10 racks... I used...
  3. kysilkies

    Do your roosters attack the ladies in the house?

    All of our silkie roosters attack my wife yet allow me to do anything I want to them...Our male Muscovies also want to attack her, but I think in a 'different' way, they like her...Anyone else have or seen this behavior?...She's around them more, I'm a trucker, and has always been considered an...
  4. kysilkies

    Silkie chicken can't stand on legs legs all of the sudden HELP!

    One of our 3yr old silkie hens is unable to stand on her legs.... I opened her coop then went to open another one and within 2 minutes was back to check the food and water in her coop when I found her laying in the run unable to stand...All I could think of was she fell from the ramp which at...
  5. kysilkies

    Silkie Rooster with foot problem?..NEED ADVICE!

    Here is our first and favorite Silkie "Puff" who's almost 3yrs old...I noticed his feet are getting white and scaly?...It doesn't seem to bother him, but not positive...Anyone know what this is, if it's a problem and how to cure if it is?!?!?...Thanx in advance!
  6. kysilkies

    bubbles coming out of eye on Muscovy, any ideas??????

    Looks like spittle make from little bubbles, any ideas what this is!?!?!? This is Mr Stuff with the eye issue...
  7. kysilkies

    Need ideas for waterer heaters

    We currently have 4 separate coops but before winter hits will have one big one for all our birds with 4 separate waterers and need ideas on how to keep the water from freezing...Last year we used heat lamps in each coop and they didn't keep the water from freezing... So, how do you do it for...
  8. kysilkies

    Ill Khaki Campbell, need advise UPDATE: COCOA PASSED AWAY ;-(

    We have a Khako Campbell that all of the sudden seems very lethargic and isn't eating normally...She was fine until we let her roam one day...Could something have bitten her that could give her trouble eating?'s been 5-6 days....She constantly wants to close her eyes and is a little off...
  9. kysilkies

    Khaki Campbell with what we think is broken leg

    Went to dinner last night and came back to a massacre...4 of our 6 dogs got loose and went on a rampage, final toll, 4 dead(3 silkies and 1 duck) and 4 injured ducks...A one month old Khaki has one leg that just hangs down, no obvious break so thinking it may be the hip or dislocated...How can...
  10. kysilkies

    Duck with curled foot, need advise

    Hey ya'll, one of our baby Khaki Campbells has a foot that wants to curl under(not lay flat), we tried using surgical tape and a guitar pick to lay it flat but it keeps coming off, any thoughts?!?! Thanx in advance.... I think you can see it here:
  11. kysilkies

    Duck and chicken eggs in the bator..have question?!

    I have silky eggs and Campbell eggs in the bator.....silkies are due to start hatching this Wed and Thurs and the ducks this at Friday and Saturday.... they are all in an auto-turner. Can I leave them all in the the turner?? (I've had a few silky babies hatch while still in the turner) And...
  12. kysilkies

    Will our khaki campbell duck accept baby ducklings?

    Our Cocoa laid her eggs but didn't sit on them so we put them in the bator. Will she accept them after we hatch them out??? Thank you for any feed-back!!!
  13. kysilkies

    Breeding a campbell and a muscovy drake...question!

    We have 2 young ducks, male and female, resulting from our campbell breeding with our muscovy drake. Our question is...Will our two young ducks be fertile?? Thank you for any information!
  14. kysilkies

    Do chickens have inner ears and can they get dizzy if spun around?

    We have a chicken on a sling due to bad legs and every now and then she gets all wound up so we spin her to unwind her, does this make her dizzY?
  15. kysilkies

    Our Solution For A Chick With 2 Bad Legs- The Hanging Sling!

    Whatcha think? She hasn't flailed around at all since putting her in it!...Not sure how long term a solution it is but we'll see, at least she's comfy!
  16. kysilkies

    I Believe We Need To Put A Chick Down, What's The Most Humane Way?

    Me and the Mrs have never faced this before and we love animals so much we've found it hard just getting to this point but we have a chick with 2 bad legs, all it does is flail around now and we know it's not happy or comfortable... Unless someone can tell us how to fix 2 bad legs, I think we...
  17. kysilkies

    Silkie Chicken With "2" Bad Legs, Can't Walk At All Now ;-( Help!

    Need some ideas on what to make for a silkie that can't walk at all...She was born with one bad leg and now the other has gone out...We were thinking of either suspending her in a sling or using a kids toy on wheels that could be like a carriage...Any better thoughts?...
  18. kysilkies

    100's Of Hummingbirds!

    Well, at lest 50-60 flying around at the moment as this is only one feeder...
  19. kysilkies

    Our First Muscovy/khaki Campbell Mixed Baby!

    Gotta love the babies!!!! The pic at the bottom right looks like she's smiling!
  20. kysilkies

    How Does Momma Duck Get Baby To Drink And Eat?

    Our Muscovy that's been laying on eggs in a little dog house(only big enough for her and some hay) hatched a baby 2 days ago, they're inseparable but our concern is how does she get it to eat and drink?...We left food and water outside of the house but it doesn't appear to be being...
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