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    New Country Organics makes a soy-free layer feed. Purchased at participating stores/vendors--the food is not pelletized and looks like what it is: peas, bran, corn, etc. In my area Health Horse and Pet sells it.
  2. AnnainMD

    Coop cleaning

    I take everything out 4x a year, hose the coop down and scrub with bleach water. Have a poop board with sweet pdz (granular not powder) and that gets cleaned as well. Our roosts are removable and they get scrubbed too. Pine shavings for coop bedding and straw for nest boxes.
  3. AnnainMD

    What do you think of this coop?

    I wish you could see more pictures of the inside. I can't figure out if that white piece of wood inside is the roost--if so it's mounted narrow side up which is wrong. And ventilation appears minimal/inadequate. You may need to modify a few things to make it workable for you. I would ask for...
  4. AnnainMD


    Howdy--I have a very beautiful Easter Egger rooster that needs a home. No payment for him, just want to make sure he is not food. He was born September 7, 2015, so he is currently almost 5 months old. We've named him Pancho as he is very colorful. So far, he has a very good personality--curious...
  5. Annainmds Chicken Coop

    Annainmds Chicken Coop

    (this page is under construction!)Our First Chickens and Coop Scroll down for more pictures We have 11 chickens (soon to be 8) that we keep for eggs. The 3 older girls are laying now, the 8 younger ones (by one month) are due to start...
  6. AnnainMD

    Are Hawks Afraid of People

    Well, I don't think a hawk would swoop down while you're in the run but not having a covered run is an invitation to a chicken feast. Everything has a way in and the chickens have no way out...not very fair for the chickens. That said, I always make sure there is human presence when letting my...
  7. AnnainMD

    how many Eggs you get today

    Well, we've had a banner week. We averaged 8 eggs a day from 12 hens that were all finally coming on-line. Yesterday it was 9/11 hens. VERY exciting.
  8. AnnainMD

    Should I Be Worried? Mixing Ages...

    Reyvaughn, do you have red heat lamps or white?
  9. AnnainMD

    Introducing year olds to "week"lings?

    I can't say from experience, this is just what I've gathered from reading. But I believe the mother hen would defend her chicks and "introduce" them.
  10. AnnainMD

    Should I Be Worried? Mixing Ages...

    I had to separate mine when I could see the bald spots forming--when it's relentless, I would separate them. Especially that young. I noticed my chicks went through the pecking order bit at 2-3 weeks, so if the older ones are doing it and the younger ones are just terrified and too small to...
  11. AnnainMD

    Introducing year olds to "week"lings?

    I would keep them separate until the younger ones are the same size as the older ones--that's what worked for me. Otherwise the little ones were always too much smaller to defend themselves. They were one month apart.
  12. AnnainMD

    Clean coop

    1. Make the height of the clean out door even or slightly higher than the container you will sweep the bedding into (such as a wheelbarrow). Make sure there is an overhang otherwise the bedding will drop between the wheelbarrow and clean out door. 2. Paint the entire inside (especially chicken...
  13. AnnainMD

    What Would You Consider "Organic"?

    PepsNick, do you have access to CountrySide Naturals? They have a soy-free certified organic Layer mix--it's actually whole grains, not dusty until the very end from all the stuff that sifts down. I was using it but my girls were billing it out to look for what they wanted. I switched to Blue...
  14. AnnainMD

    chicken run---how tall?

    Definitely a walk-in run. I can't tell you how many times I go in there to fill their water, grit and shell cups, to catch a chicken, check on a chicken, spend time with them, clean the run, adjust things. I can't even imagine having a short-height run. I've done a lot of soil scraping and...
  15. AnnainMD

    Impacted Crop - Baseball Size - VIDEO IS READY!!

    I would either use the Vet glue (super glue), but you need to make sure skin is dry and this is hard. We used dissolving and non-dissolving sutures (ordered a practice student kit from Amazon)-they come with needles and that made ALL the difference. Also a surgical scalpel is wonderfully sharp...
  16. AnnainMD

    Pellets or crumbles, which is better?

    Pellets, pellets and pellets. Oh by the way, did I mention pellets? I had pellets--no waste, it was lovely. I switched to a crumble/whole grain mixture and promptly blew through #100 in less than 6 weeks. With pellets I am just now about halfway through a #50 bag and it's been over 3 weeks with...
  17. AnnainMD

    I HATE pullet eggs!!

    allicefelldown, how long does it take for your hens to get to the size you want? And do you weigh each egg or a dozen eggs to get the weight you want? Do you look for the large eggs to be 57grams?
  18. AnnainMD

    New chickens and they're sick!

    This person sold you sick chickens. Yes, chickens have stress with changes but full-blown illness comes out when it's latent and already surrounding the original flock; they were exposed, and not by you. Sick within ONE day??? You were sold sick chickens and deserve a refund at minimum. Please...
  19. AnnainMD

    Impacted Crop - Baseball Size - VIDEO IS READY!!

    Shadowgrass, I did the surgery with my husband just before Christmas. I believe that one of the keys to a successful outcome is to do it before the hen is significantly malnourished. If you've noticed this going on for a few weeks you need to address the problem soon. Is she isolated from the...
  20. AnnainMD

    Impacted crop

    I would make sure she is eating normally (regular chicken food) without a problem first, before I put her back in. Introduce food, a decent amount, at bed time and check her crop in the morning (it should be flat, just lay your hand on it). Once that looks good, give her some regular chicken...
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