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  1. MummyToTwins

    Taking ducks to the park? Bad idea?

    We took Pete to the Boston Public Garden to see the Make Way For Ducklings statue and he was attacked by a Jack Russel who was (illegally) off leash. Pete was okay but we won't do that again.
  2. MummyToTwins

    BYC members in Massachusetts?

    Quote: Must be Massachusetts. We're in Marblehead and before we can get our ducks we have to get the approval of all of our abutters, go before the Board of Health, petition to be allowed to keep back-yard fowl, pass an inspection. So far three of our four abutters have signed our letter but...
  3. MummyToTwins

    Transporting ducks across state lines...

    Actually, I've been meaning to ask you a question. I know that duck eggs incubate for 28 days but is it precise enough to plan the arrival? Could you plan for the ducklings to hatch on a Friday so that we can pick them up on a Saturday or Sunday?
  4. MummyToTwins

    Transporting ducks across state lines...

    Yep, this is us. We're just awaiting one more letter of non-objection from a neighbour before we go in front of the board of health. I think they might be away though as I haven't seen them around all week.
  5. MummyToTwins

    Transporting ducks across state lines...

    It just occured to me...are there laws prohibiting us from buying ducklings in Maine and bringing them into Massachusetts?
  6. MummyToTwins

    Show me your duck coops! Update: also looking for duckling brooders Bought it on Craigslist. It's in a fenced off area behind our house right by my kitchen window so we'll be able to see the duckies play.
  7. MummyToTwins

    We bought the coop!

    No no no. We have to get all our ducks in a line (no pun intended) before we can move forward. But all the neighbours are okay and have signed an agreement an the board of health meets soon so we should be good to go.
  8. MummyToTwins

    We bought the coop!

    It needs a little TLC but we picked it up yesterday and bought it home. Now all we have to do is get the approval of all of our abutters, go before the Board of Health, petition to be allowed to keep back-yard fowl, pass an inspection and wait for our ducklings to hatch.
  9. MummyToTwins

    What do you think of this one? For four Welsh Harlie females, bearing in mind that this will be for night time only. During the day they'll have the run of our garden and a kiddies paddling pool.
  10. MummyToTwins

    Thanks so much for the advice.

    This forum has been enormously helpful. I think we are going to go with four Welsh Harlequin females; either very young or new ducklings so that we can handle them a lot to get them used to us. Although I'd love to start now with some rescue ducks realistically I think we should wait till the...
  11. MummyToTwins

    One more question. Sorry! This one about $$$.

    How many ducks do you have and how much would you guess you pay in feed per month? Ultimately I think this may be the deciding factor in how large a flock we can have. And are there other expenses you never guessed you would have? Duck sitters for example if you travel.
  12. MummyToTwins

    BYC members in Massachusetts?

    Hello! I'm in Marblehead MA and I'm looking forward to getting ducks in the spring.
  13. MummyToTwins

    Amazing ducky mom

    LOL! That's one clever Mama!
  14. MummyToTwins

    Need Experienced Opinions on Coop. I think I am too new to post pics but hopefully this link will work. A. Will this work for ducks? I'm assuiming they won't need the nesting box (or will they?) and the chap says he can custom make one for me without it. B. How many ducks...
  15. MummyToTwins

    More questions.

    Sure! I don't see why not as long as they are friendly and good layers. What we are looking for are pet ducks with the bonus of eggs. We're not set up yet though, I was thinking of waiting till spring. We don't even have a coop or run.
  16. MummyToTwins

    More questions.

    Thanks. Now to find a breeder in MA.
  17. MummyToTwins

    My Lumi Girl Muscovy is a new Mama! [pics]

    Oh my gosh! So sweet.
  18. MummyToTwins

    Hatching ducklings this time of year?

    I know this is a silly question but how can you tell if the hens are broody? Do ducks also get broody?
  19. MummyToTwins

    More questions.

    Thanks for the warm welcome! And also thanks for the advice. I didn’t realize that the Jumbo Pekins are prone to leg issues; that’s good to know. Will definitely aim to have like sizes now. I have another couple of questions though. Looking at Craigslist there are a few people selling eggs...
  20. MummyToTwins

    Hi Fellow Duck Lovers!

    Hi Fellow Duck Lovers! I’m a newbie to the board and have some questions. But first, my back story. Six and a half years ago while my husband were doing IVF (which wasn’t working) I had a very Freudian urge to hatch something…anything! Strange but true…I’m afraid of chickens. Crazy huh? So I...
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