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  1. ChickenEllis

    Chicken with some kind of parasites/eggs around the eye

    I just noticed today that one of my chickens has some kind of weird parasites or eggs mostly around it's eyes. You can see them the best in the last photo. Any idea what they are? The chicken doesn't seem to be acting any different.
  2. ChickenEllis

    Will worming be hard on my sick chicken?

    I've had a real sick chicken the last week and i'm thinking that i have a worm problem. Will worming kill my already weakened chicken? I started treating my entire flock with ACV yesterday. Hopefully that will help. I was going to try Wazine today.
  3. ChickenEllis

    is it ok to eat the eggs from a chicken with Bumblefoot?

    this may seem like a stupid question but i have 3 chickens with mild cases of Bumblefoot right now and i have had a few people ask me this question when i explain that Bumblefoot is a type of Staph infection. i also am preparing to start treating the 3 hens today with Tricide-Neo. i noticed on...
  4. ChickenEllis

    is this Bumblefoot?

    sorry as i know this question gets asked many times a day here. this is the first time i have experienced this. the hen is having no problems walking and doesn't seem to be in any pain. the scab is only slightly discolored. should i wait to see if it gets worse or do i need to do something...
  5. ChickenEllis

    link to the poop index

    Hello everyone. I was hoping someone could post the link to that wonderfully graphic webpage elsewhere that has the photos of different chicken poop types and possible problems associated with them. thanks.
  6. ChickenEllis

    Vegetarian Raccoons?

    We have a pair of neighborhood raccoons that i would swear have converted to strict vegetarianism. They show no interest whatsoever in my chickens. They are only interested in the avocados from the tree that stands perilously close to my coop (in a neighbor's yard) I even let my chickens free...
  7. ChickenEllis

    any mealworm breeding cycle experts out there?

    I did a little research online this morning and couldn't find a good answer to this. How long does it take for a mealworm beetle after emerging to mate and/or lay it's eggs? Does a beetle continue to lay eggs or is it a one shot deal? I have heard that the mature beetles will start to eat the...
  8. ChickenEllis

    Feeding fish to chickens

    I catch a ton of barred surf perch when i go surf fishing around where i live. I normally throw them back because they are bland and boney but i'm thinking i might bring one back to feed to chickens. Would the bones or scales pose a problem? Would it be better to cook it first?
  9. ChickenEllis

    Wild Bird Seed

    A lady who works at the local feed store was telling me that she mixes wild bird seed into the regular feed for her flock of chickens. Does anybody else do this? What nutritional value is there in wild bird seed?
  10. ChickenEllis

    BFFF's - Best Feathered Friends Forever

    Henny Penny, my beloved cross beak EE and her sister Fajitas are rarely separated. In my flock of 10 hens they rank as 9 and 10 respectively. The underchooks need to stick together. Here they are in the rose beds taking a communal dustbath. and here they are both in mid-roll. Please upload...
  11. ChickenEllis

    Cheap homemade chicken nipple waterer

    I just wanted to show off the nipple waterer that i finished today. Nothing groundbreaking or original. Thanks to all of the creative posters in the forum in the past whose ideas i utilized to create this. Start out with the nipple device that can be purchased for under 2 dollars online...
  12. ChickenEllis

    Tiny Egg!

    I checked under one of my Barred Rocks this morning that had been setting in the nest box for a long time and found this! Is this normal? She usually lays regular sized eggs. If nothing else it made me laugh hysterically.
  13. ChickenEllis

    How fast does Blu-Kote dry?

    i'm going to be applying it to 4 of my chickens today and was wondering if i am going to have to separate them for a while afterwards while it dries. thanks.
  14. ChickenEllis

    Red Tailed Hawks

    I live in Southern California and have been reading some of the horror stories about hawks attacking free ranging chickens. Most of these people live in the South and are probably dealing with different kinds of hawks. We mainly have Red Tailed Hawks here. Does anyone know if they are...
  15. ChickenEllis

    My chickens are feather eating maniacs! Help!

    I've got 10 hens that are just turning 5 months old. 4 of them have recently started laying. The problem is that over the last couple of weeks my two RIR's and to a slightly lesser extent my two Barred Rocks have started terrorizing the other chickens. They chase them around and pluck...
  16. ChickenEllis

    Suggestions on what to do about my poor cross-beak Americauna.

    I have a 4 and a half month Americauna hen with a pretty severe cross beak affliction. So far she has been able to eat and drink without too much trouble. She will plant her entire face into the feed and use her tongue to get the pellets. She is healthy otherwise and is able to maintain her...
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