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  1. ajay

    egg-eater! what to do?

    One of my chickens is doing it too. We thought the eggs were cracking at first, but now we know better. Today was the first day she ate someone else's egg. Not a happy camper. Will do the mustard thing right away.
  2. ajay

    Flies everywhere! (except for the coop)

    Thanks for the help everyone! I bought a fly trap today and hung it up, but I might buy some tape too; although you are not making the fly tape sound like such a good idea. lol Knowing me, I would also have fly tape everywhere. They are just so horrid I can't imagine 1 measly fly trap...
  3. ajay

    Flies everywhere! (except for the coop)

    Anyone have any ideas on how to deal with the flies? My girls free range during large parts of the day which has attracted a TON of flies. It's not as easy as throwing down some DE, since the poop is scattered across our backyard and the flies are just going everywhere. Oddly enough, they are...
  4. ajay

    Newbie here with a question about hen's laying..

    Time for oyster shells. And they will learn to use the boxes, but it might take a few tries.
  5. ajay

    What impact will 3-4 chickens have on our yard?

    I don't think you can train them to stay off areas. At least I haven't been able to. I shoo them away, but when they like it, they seem to find away back. Chickens are messy, but lovable. Good luck!
  6. ajay

    1 day old and LOOK at this COMB!

    Well, hello big fella!
  7. ajay

    What is a healthy chick...

    My chicks slept a lot and ate a lot. They moved around and chirped. hth
  8. ajay

    When do I move them outside??

    I'm in the Bay Area and mine went out at 5 weeks. My heat lamp was off for a week before letting them out. I say go for it!
  9. ajay

    Need a little help

    I have no clue, but try posting on the What Breed and Gender forum.
  10. ajay

    Need some help with my EE's please

    Really??? We can't keep roosters and the flock gets along so incredibly well, I would hate to have to give any of them up. Plus my kids would be devastated. They love our EE's. Our Wellies are nice chickens, but our EE's are super friendly and have such fantastic personalities.
  11. ajay

    Need some help with my EE's please

    I have two EE's--Tweety and Ellie. Tweety I always thought was a girl, but her comb has reddened a lot lately and it has me second guessing myself. Ellie...I just don't know. She's different than Tweety, her comb is less red, but it is bigger. Her legs are bigger. Her body is bigger. But I...
  12. ajay

    EE's ...roo's or hens ??

    Quote: x2
  13. ajay

    Number of eggs laid vs age of chicken?

    From what I understand, chickens lay x number of eggs. If you have them lay during the winter, it will decrease the number of years they lay, but the amount of eggs will equal out to someone who does not use extra light. Make sense?
  14. ajay

    Picky chicks.....

    I think some are just slow learners. Mine wouldn't eat treats for awhile. I was so shocked when they finally started. lol
  15. ajay

    ADVICE Please: 4 Week Old Sick Chick...

    I know very little about chickens so take it with a grain of salt, but my friend was able to help her lethargic chick with poly vi sol and yogurt. Might be worth a try. I believe the poly vi sol needs to be without iron, but maybe someone else can confirm. Good luck!
  16. ajay

    Yogurt as a treat

    My girls didn't take to ANY treats until they were 6 weeks. Now, they eat quite a few, including yogurt, but not everything. I have some lettuce in their run right now and they are ignoring it completely.
  17. ajay

    Going to bed.....chickens are not the brightest bulbs....

    I left my girls in the coop for 3 days straight. Once they were let out, they came in and put themselves to bed when it got dark. Might be worth a shot.
  18. ajay

    What am I doing wrong? Or am I just being paranoid?

    So after talking with the hubby, we are going to try pulling up the pavers, putting down a water resistant plastic sheet and then trying it again. Hopefully it will work better that way.
  19. ajay

    What am I doing wrong? Or am I just being paranoid?

    The feed is in a baby pig feeder. I think it was overfilled, which I am sure contributed to the huge amount being billed out, but still. I need to find a solution that allows the food to be in the coop. I don't want to haul food in and out every day and I need a solution that would work if we...
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