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  1. Mama Ducker

    mama hatched 2 out of 12 eggs yesterday.

    Our mallard was sitting on a nest in the barn and she had 9 mallard egs and 3 Pekin-Buff cross eggs. 2 Mallard babies hatched yesterday and none since. I know the pekin eggs should take a couple of days longer but shouldn't the mallards have all hatched by now?
  2. Mama Ducker

    Mallard decided to hatch her eggs in our greenhouse.

    One of our Mallards decided to hatch her eggs in our greenhouse. She started sitting on June 8 and has 10 eggs. She only leave the nest 1 time a day to eat and take a dip in the pond then right back into them. My question is, it get over 100 degrees in the green house even with the doors open...
  3. Mama Ducker

    Mallard duck hatching eggs and ducklings

    Beautiful mallard ducklings for sale they are just over 3 weeks old.$ 5.00 each. We also hatch more coming on July 5th ( I think) . Fertilized mallard duck eggs also available, $2.00 each.
  4. Mama Ducker

    My Pekin Sunshine was killed last night! Help!!!

    I am going to leave mama where she is, she is very protective of her nest and I don't want to upset her. She is somewhat safe for now, I don't think my husband will be sleeping much though until they hatch and she can take them into the barn. They aren't due until July 5th so we will be on...
  5. Mama Ducker

    Pekin & Mallard Ducklings - Suffolk, VA

    I had a pair of pekins, that were 15 weeks old when the female got killed. I have 6 adult mallards and one very sad Pekin drake. I want to get a ne lady for him but now that I read this, I see that you have cross bred mallards and pekins. Do you think I need to find him another female ?
  6. Mama Ducker

    My Pekin Sunshine was killed last night! Help!!!

    We secured the fence perimeter yesterday, we found a place where it got in but really went over the whole fence line. The Pekins hated going in the barn at night so we were letting them sleep in the greenhouse. I got the drake to go in the barn last night with my mallards so he was safe. We have...
  7. Mama Ducker

    Duck Pond/pool pictures

    My husband dug this pond and lined it with a rubber mat It has a bubbler and pump the water back up to the waterfall (small rocks to the right). Its out 10' by 10' and about 3 ft deep in the center.
  8. Mama Ducker

    My Pekin Sunshine was killed last night! Help!!!

    I am in need of a female Pekin. Mine was killed by a raccoon and her mate Boomer is lost without her. Please help, I have looked on craigslist but could only find people with Pekins over an hour away. Im in Southern Nh near the seacoast and MA. border. My pair were 15 weeks old so Im looking for...
  9. Mama Ducker

    fun, quirky, and cute names.

    We have 6 mallards, Mr. Green Jeans, Scout, Buttercup, My Girl, Laverne, Shirley. Our Pekins names are Sunshine and Boomer.
  10. Mama Ducker

    Mallard sitting on eggs

    On May 25 one of my mallards will be hatching her clutch of 12 eggs! This is our first time and I need to know if I should remove her babies to an indoor brooder or if she will keep them safe from our other ducks in the barn at night? My other thought was to put mama and babies in the barn but...
  11. Mama Ducker

    Are my ducks able to breed?

    That's what I thought too, thank you, All of my mallards look different so I thought there was no way they are all brothers and sisters. I didn't crack the eggs open bc I was afraid of the smell. They made it at least until lockdown day 25. I didn't know much about hatching and I do think they...
  12. Mama Ducker

    Duck Pond/pool pictures

    This is our home made duck pond, it has a pump that runs the water up thru the waterfall. we have 6 mallards and 2 pekins
  13. Mama Ducker

    Are my ducks able to breed?

    I bought my ducks at a Dodges grain store, there were about 40-50 mallards in the bin and I bought 8. Out of the 8 I have 6 left 2 males 4 females I tried hatching 3 eggs in an incubator and they were doing good but didn't hatch in the end. After reading a few posts here and seeing that ducks...
  14. Mama Ducker

    How long to give her?

    I bought my mallards at an Dodges Agway, There were about 40 ducklings in the pen and I took 8 What are the chances that they are related and therefore wouldn't be able to hatch ducklings?
  15. Mama Ducker

    Trick to carrying duck so you don't get scratched?

    I find with my mallards and pekins that if you hold them close to you they wont kick. They are afraid of getting dropped I think.
  16. Mama Ducker

    Help! Day 28 and the power goes out!

    After candling and seeing no movement in any of the eggs, I assume they didn't make it. I will wait until tonight to dispose of them I just don't want them to explode or find that they were just resting when I candled them. the heat was low a few times so maybe they will just be late. There is...
  17. Mama Ducker

    Help! Day 28 and the power goes out!

    This morning is day 30. We candled them right before lockdown and they were moving, one looked really healthy the other 2 had less movement but still, they were alive. Still NOTHING! Im going to candle them today but I have a feeling hatching duck eggs is going to be harder than I thought. Very...
  18. Mama Ducker

    Newbie with NO experience .... what breed?

    Welcome! You will learn so much from this site and many others! I believe Metzer Farms has info on their web site that shows how to vent sex. It should only be done in the first few days of life and you can hurt them if you don't do it right. I got ducks for the first time a year ago and Ive...
  19. Mama Ducker

    Help! Day 28 and the power goes out!

    Ok so today is day 29 we lost power for 3 hours yesterday and the incubator got down to 77 degrees! Are these eggs going to hatch? Not a pip, or anything yet. Someone on here told me it can be 29 days for mallards. When do I know if they didn't make it?Also, When I took them out of the turner...
  20. Mama Ducker

    Day 26 Mallard duck eggs on lockdown.

    Great info, thank you, some articles I ready say 26.5 days for mallards and some say 28. Im not going to start worrying until tomorrow. That will be day 28. I really hope they pip soon though!
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