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  1. fowlwoman1

    selling extra male chicks as reptile food?

    I'm planning on hatching a lot of chicks this spring and selling the females to the local feed store. So I'm considering selling the males as reptile food. I'm pretty good at sexing the chicks in their first days of life based on a combination of their behavior and physical characteristics. I...
  2. fowlwoman1

    What do you do with your baby when you're in the barnyard?

    My baby is 9 months old and most of the time I've just gone out to the barnyard when he's asleep and I take the baby monitor with me or I have my husband or son babysit him for a few minutes while I go out there. But now with spring here, I have lots I need to do out there. What do you do with...
  3. fowlwoman1

    Not enough seats in the U-Haul... need advice!

    Okay, here's the situation. My 94 year old grandmother is finally moving into an assisted living complex and is selling her house. We live in WA, she in CA. My mom wants to go down and get some of her nice furniture(piano, dining table, hutch, beds) and take me and my 2 kids for a visit (7...
  4. fowlwoman1

    bloody diarrhea-- now what?

    I have a hen with bloody poo, just pooping blood it looks like on the roost. She had been acting depressed for about a week, sitting in one of the nest boxes nearly all day and pooping (regular looking poop) in it. This coincided with all the rest of the hens quitting laying. I have 18+...
  5. fowlwoman1

    changes in Nutrena Chick Starter?

    last week I bought a bag of Nutrena chick starter. When I picked it off the shelf at the store the bag felt "floppy" like the bag wasn't full enough. I didn't think real hard about that and bought it anyway. When I got it home I compared it to the Nutrena layer feed I had also just bought at...
  6. fowlwoman1

    Is there a disease that makes them stop laying?

    I've had hens who have molted for extended periods of time, say 3-4 months with no laying, and then they either die or grow their feathers back but still don't lay. These are young hens about 15-18 months old. Could they be sick in addition to molting? Should I be vaccinating for something?
  7. fowlwoman1

    Anyone here raise worms for sale?

    I was just thinking about starting to raise worms to sell. I was just wondering if anyone had any tips on getting started etc.
  8. fowlwoman1

    What would you do with $200,000 home equity?

    We have been so broke for many months. I don't like not being able to care for my family because of lack of $$. My husband works full time at Lowe's, and I stay home and try to make money babysitting and selling eggs on ebay and anything else I can think of. Being poor is a lot of work...
  9. fowlwoman1

    How to cook a 2 year old rooster?

    I've got a roo that was processed yesterday and I was looking at it and it looks to have hide, rather than skin and the meat seems EXTREMELY firm. Should I make chicken stew? chili? pot pies? soup? jerky? Should I soak it in something to tenderize it? Should I slow cook it for a million...
  10. fowlwoman1

    Thomas, NeoClothing, GF Clothing, Craigslist Ad for EBay BAD, VERY BAD

    I'm just posting this so that when some poor idiot like myself goes to Google this guy who is posing as a drop-shipper, they will actually find some information on him. I answered his craigslist ad and asked him a million questions because it didn't seem right. He said he had Ralph Lauren polo...
  11. fowlwoman1

    like a sportsman hatching box? questions...

    I was wondering... Sportsmans have a hatching box in the bottom, don't they? so you can keep incubating eggs at different stages and don't have to hatch all at once? How is that designed? I"m trying to figure out something like that for my own cabinet incubator. I actually used for this...
  12. fowlwoman1

    How long is molting supposed to last?!

    I have hens that have been not laying all summer because they seem to be molting. I've had a bald hen for about 2 months. She doesn't have any tail feathers left at all. I have at least 4 hens not laying because I think they're trying to get over molting. Will it ever end?!
  13. fowlwoman1

    I know how to hatch lots of roos!

    be really bad at incubating! :thun It seems that males are better at surviving my mistakes....
  14. fowlwoman1

    Can humidity be too high during hatching?

    That is my question. Will the chicks die of humidity poisoning if it's say 90%? I keep hearing that 60-70% is optimal, less than that, they will stick to the shell, but what if it's higher?
  15. fowlwoman1

    Is the first poop always green?

    I thought the first time a chick poops it is always green. What has been everyone else's experience?
  16. fowlwoman1

    Most broody breeds?

    I've been having awful luck with incubating, but I was thinking that maybe I could get a flock of little broody breeds. I know about silkies, but would they be the most "efficient" broody hens? Which breed would eat the least? and be the most broody?
  17. fowlwoman1

    Hen as a hatcher?

    I've got a broody hen and a few days ago I put eggs under her that are due to hatch on the 2nd. Can I hatch a few batches under this one hen? I can manage to get the eggs incubated to day 14 and even 18 with no problems, but I can't get many to hatch. If you read my other posts you can see...
  18. fowlwoman1

    ANOTHER failed hatch

    I don't understand it! I haven't been really counting how many hatches have been failures, but I think it's been around 5. I can get them to develop until about day 16 pretty well, but after that they start dying one by one. I changed to less humidity during incubation and more ventilation...
  19. fowlwoman1

    can a chick live without its yolk sac?

    I was just wondering this, since I had a bad hatch and one of them totally lost his yolk sac. He was 9 days old today when he died of apparently an infection in his abdomen.
  20. fowlwoman1

    reinventing the hen?

    I am interested in creating an incubator that more closely mimics a hen. After watching my broody hen recently and me having such horrible hatches lately, I've had the desire to make something more foolproof. I"ve had some scattered ideas for what to use for materials. Maybe there's even...
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