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  1. butch

    what are these little bugs???

    I took out an egg of the pen and found lots of tiny tiny white bugs on it, then I looked at there pen and on the plywood there were tons and tons of them all over the pen mainly the top of the wood, I thought it was dust but dust dosent move around like that, they are crawling everywhere. what...
  2. butch

    is this blackhead in my tom turkey????

    my turkey the last couple of days has been weak and lazy, it could barely stand up. so I thought it's legs were going bad on him, so I took him to get butcherd today and his lungs were dark red to a black color, thoughout the lungs. like in spots/strings. what is this????? he was 15 weeks old
  3. butch

    Duck's eye is closed

    I have two duck's that their eye is closed on one side and the other side is starting to close up too. what is this??? and how can I get rid of it??
  4. butch

    broken lag??

    My duckling has a lag that sticks out to the side, so he can't walk well at all, can I do anything to fix this probablem???
  5. butch

    ducklings eating wood shavings???

    Hi! my duckling have been eating their wood shavings and two ducklings have died is it bad for them to be eating wood shavings??? is that why they died?? how can I get them to stop???
  6. butch

    lost baby ducks???

    I got 9 ducklings 4 days ago, and the last two days I have lost 2 ducklings why have they deid? what do I do so I don't loose anymore??
  7. butch

    What states can you raise wild turkeys in???

    Hi! I was wondering what states you are alowd to raise wild turkeys in??? can you do so in Ohio?
  8. butch

    can you take Canadian geese eggs???

    I was wondering if you are allowed to take wild canada geese eggs and hatch/raise them for pets or just to raise them??? I live in Ohio.
  9. butch

    I have MITES :( what do I do????

    I have mites on some of my chickens, they are around the vent and it's a little scaby/bloody in places around the vent. how do I get rid of them for good???? and how do I keep them from getting on my other chickens??? Thanks!
  10. butch

    feeding Runners??

    What is the best feeding program for runner ducks from day one to show? and whats a good brood set up for them when they are young?
  11. butch

    What feed should I use?

    What kind of feed is the best for show chickens when they are about 5 months old and older???
  12. butch

    Ordered from Eagle Nest Poultry before???

    Have you ever ordered from Eagle Nest Poultry before??? if so, how did you like them? how is their quality of their birds??? do you have any pics of there poultry too? Thanks!
  13. butch

    SQ Black Australorps

    Hi, I am looking for a breeder/hatchery that has Show Quality Black Australorps. So if you know of anyone please let me know Thanks!
  14. butch

    Sneezing chickens????

    My chickens are sneezing but I don't see mucus or anything like that. you can hear them breath when holding them. there feed is a little dusty is that why? are they sick or somthing???
  15. butch

    Help! Swelling, Sneezing turkeys.

    Hi, I have 4 hens and 2 tom broad breasted white turkeys, and three of the hens have swelling behind the beak and around the buttom of there eyes and and they are sneezing, what is this??? and how can I get rid of this. They are going to the fair in four weeks. What should I do???
  16. butch

    How to tame a bantam?

    What is the best way to tame a bantam? what kind of foods do they like the most?
  17. butch

    What feed is best for Bantams?

    I have five bantams, what kind of feed should I feed them??? would layer feed be good, 20% chick starter? or 15% grower feed? they are one year old.
  18. butch

    Show off your Black Australorps!!!& Polish!!!

    I would like to see pic of these breeds. Thanks!!!
  19. butch

    How old should Bantams be to show???

    I would like to show bantams this year at the fair, how old should they be for me to show them? is 4-5 months old a good age or should they be older? Thanks!
  20. butch

    Layer feed?

    Would it be okay if I gave my 14 week old pullets 16% layer feed or should I stay on 15% grower feed till they are 20 weeks old?
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