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  1. chickers

    Can I feed mango, papaya, and kiwi peels to my chickens?

    I made a fancy fruit salad for an event today and have a bowl of peelings. I scanned some of the posts here on what chickens could eat, but didn't see these. I know there are some things we eat, but that chickens shouldn't and I don't want to give them something that wouldn't be good for them...
  2. chickers

    integrating 2 month old pullets with existing flock

    I have two groups of chickens. The existing flock consists of 5 chickens: a light Brahma hen, a Silkie hen, a Polish hen and 4 month old Splash Laced Red Wyandotte pullet and cockerel. The Brahma is the dominant chicken since the cockerel is still young. The second group consists of 6...
  3. chickers

    automatic door big enough for Jersey Giants?

    I'm looking for an automatic pop door that is big enough for a Jersey Giant. I need to buy one as opposed to make one. I'm not comfortable making one and my husband has had enoughof chickens after helping me make a coop. Thanks for any help.
  4. chickers

    pop door size for Jersey Giant

    I am working on converting a shed to a coop and I have a question about the size of the pop door. My existing (soon to be much too small) coop has a 12" h x 9" w pop door. I don't think that woud be adequate for the JG chick I currently have in my family room. ;) So what size pop door should...
  5. chickers

    net over run

    We are building a new (larger! chicken math!!) coop and run. Our old run was 100 sq. ft. and covered with welded wire. Our new one will be closer to 800 sq. ft. We were plannign to cover it with welded wire as well, but in the last couple days I've been reading about some type of netting...
  6. chickers

    what are these chicks?

    A friend and I split an order of chicks. We think we know who everybody is, but I'd like some reassurance on mine. chick 1 (the one in front) chick 2 chick 3 chick 4 (this chick has feathered legs that my son didn't get in the picture) Thanks...
  7. chickers

    BLRW pullets...but I think one is a roo

    We just got these two pullets last week, but I'm now wondering if one is a roo. ( I accidently put one of the pictures above this text, sorry.)
  8. chickers

    Carefresh in brooder?

    I've read both pros and cons to using pine shavings in the brooder. My new chicks just came today and I put Carefresh in their brooder. (Carefresh is recycled but not bleached paper meant as litter for small animals.) I'm debating whether it's a good idea in the brooder though since I'm...
  9. chickers

    Need advice on new coop

    I need advice on buying a coop. My husband and I would take forever to build one ourselves and I need one in May when I'm getting some more pullets. There is someone nearby that builds coops and we went to look at them today. Here's a picture of the one I'm interested in: And one of the...
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