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  1. catharineslover

    How can I keep my brooder from reeking

    That is definitely the problem! Pine shavings are great.
  2. catharineslover


    My name is Catharine. I live in the Texas Hill Country outside of Austin. I’ve been raising chickens for 20 years - meat and eggs. My chickens are in tractors I built.
  3. catharineslover

    Is grazing and scratch enough?

    My 8 hens range over an acre of grasses, other plants and oaks. Since they are eating bugs and even sometimes lizards, could I get by feeding them just non-GMO scratch?
  4. catharineslover

    Hi from new member

    Hi, I have 8 hens in a chicken tractor with an acre of pasture. I want to raise some broilers now.
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