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  1. obking92

    What is my lionhead mixed with?

    So my black lion head had babies with my harlequin and there babies were all over the place. How come some came out long hair and some didnt'?
  2. obking92

    Is my harlequin look purebred?

    I was just wondering if he could be mixed idk
  3. obking92

    What is my lionhead mixed with?

    I already know she is part lionhead but she is pretty big for a lionhead and she is only single mane. I bred her with a harlequin and 2 of their babies were full mane. Can someone help me determine what she is by this picture?


  5. obking92

    Officially started breeding

    I am very excited to announce I have started hatching. I put 6 button quail eggs in my incubator 17 days ago and 4 have hatched. I think thats pretty good for my first time. I have 2 golden pearls and 2 silver pearls. I have 18 button quails incubating, 15 coturnix and 4 bobwhite.
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