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    Tamago enjoying a thaw

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    Drake incorrigible?

    Hi all, We've been raising our first Muscovy and gotten good advice from you all, the 4 are about 5 months old now. 1 drake and 3 hens. The aggression from the drake has gotten to the point where I am thinking of getting rid of him. It's regretful, because he has the most personality and is a...
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    So this pond you finished yesterday?

    Was that an appropriate use of your time?
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    Trick or Treat

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    College son missed ducks so we mailed them to him

    It's his birthday Tuesday so I printed a cookie cutter and wife baked and decorated. For comparison:
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    Muscovy behavior

    Wondering if anyone can explain a behavior, I have most of them down. Sometimes they will extend their necks up, beak pointed at the sky, flapping their beaks like they are trying to talk. Usually do it the first time I go out with them for the day, so maybe it's a greeting thing? Thanks for...
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    Just wanted to say thanks to this forum. What started out as a joke answer to my wife 5 months ago has led to a revolution in our backyard. We raised our four from week old fuzzballs: And are having a blast learning along the way. We live in a suburb that is zoned Light Rural, and checked...
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    Moving wife's babies outside

    Hi all. Raising our first fowl. I'll post in hello section and some pics maybe tomorrow. This forum has helped a lot deciding to get ducks and establishing our setup, so thanks! A specific question though: Our 4 Muscovy are 7 weeks old and almost fully feathered. During the day they are out in...
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