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  1. Duckwing

    Fine Dining for 2

    I have two, (2), Silver-duckwing bantams. A hen and a roo. They were hatched late last spring. My hen has started laying her first eggs a few weeks ago, and she has laid a total of 5 eggs so far. I have switched her from growth formula, to DuMor layer crumbles. DuMor layer crumbles...
  2. Duckwing

    1st Egg

    That's a 3 gallon bucket. I'll upgrade her to something made with slats from pallet wood in a few weeks. I just wanted her to be a bit more comfortable. I'll builder her something to raise her first brood in coming February.
  3. Duckwing

    1st Egg

    Cassi just laid her first egg! I was hoping that she would hold off till February anyway, but she insisted, so I made her a makeshift hen box. I'll make her a nicer one later.
  4. Duckwing

    TN Hillbilly

    Kids are gone, one off to college, and the other an engineer. So, I've found some cool birds to raise for my wife and I. Two young Silver Duckwings, they were hatched at a friend of mines place early last spring. Currently they are in a 6x4x4 coup because that is easier for me to keep warm...
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