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  1. Draconargentum

    A Random Thought...Marans x Ameraucana Cross?

    I was just flipping through the threads here, when I got a strange notion...What do you think would happen if someone crossed a quality-laying Marans with an Ameraucana? Dark brown eggs? More strongly colored blue or green eggs? Has anyone ever tried this? Just me being random, curious, and...
  2. Draconargentum

    Oi! Where my Flagstaffers at??

    I know you folks exist...Heck, I probably ran into some of you today (Sunday) up at the farmers market by Route 66. XP Just trying to see where everyone is up here, what breeds everyone has, all that jazz. Hope to hear from y'all soon! XD
  3. Draconargentum

    Cooking Eggs in a Hot Pot? (College Student Cuisine At Its Best)

    Heya, all. Thanks for taking a minute to check out my post; means a lot that people are willing help out a college student like me. Well, to get to the point, man does not live on bread alone, and the same holds true of college students and ramen (mostly). Luckily for me, though, there's an...
  4. Draconargentum

    Marans, Amaraucanas, Barnevelders, RIRs, and Welsummers...Opinions?

    Hey, all. Still fairly new to this whole chicken thing: pretty much just planning right now for when I get my own place, so everything I "know" works only from theory. So, thought I'd ask expert opinions from you guys who have experience. Really what I'd like to have is a variety with lots of...
  5. Draconargentum

    Anyone have opinions on these breeds?

    Howdy, folks. Just wanted to get y'all's input on these particular breeds. I'm looking specifically for layers (I really like the dark brown eggs, and the green/blue ones, too), but silkies are in there just 'cause they look fun. Any input as to how quickly a breed matures, how well your...
  6. Draconargentum

    Egyptian Fayoumis?

    Well, folks, to get right to the point, I live in a very hot climate and so need heat-hardy birds (I'm just planning for the future at the moment, but still), but would like them to be good layers, as well. I've been looking around on a page listing quite a few chicken breeds, and I chanced to...
  7. Draconargentum

    Wait, wait, hold on...(Egg-turning Question)

    I'm still a newbie here, learning what to do before I subject any babies to my inexperience, but now I'm confused: I've always read that you need to turn eggs three times a day up until the three days before hatching. Am I just seeing things when I believe that I read somewhere that you can just...
  8. Draconargentum

    Penedesencas: Pics or Info?

    Howdy, all. Well, to get to the point quickly, I've heard that the Penedesenca breed is extremely heat-hardy (an important thing, as my region easily breaks the 110F mark in the summer) and a good layer. I was wondering if any of you had raised these birds before, and might have some pictures or...
  9. Draconargentum

    10 Tips for a Cooler Coop

    Since I live in really hot weather and very low humidity, I thought I'd post these ideas. Someone might find them useful. Oh, and if anyone else has some thoughts on how to keep coops cool, please post them here (they might help me! ^_^) These ideas were taken from a article for keeping...
  10. Draconargentum

    Converted-use Incubators (Birds <-> Reptiles)

    Currently I'm looking at incubators, and I found a very gently used Hovabator...The only thing is, the previous owner used it to hatch out snakes with quite a good success rate. I know you have to make some sort of modification to make an egg incubator work for reptiles, so my question is this...
  11. Draconargentum

    Favorite Hot-Weather Breeds?

    Heya, all. I'm down here in Phoenix, AZ, sweating out the summer and wondering: what kind of birds do you know of that deal well with high summer heat, mild winter temps, and low year-round humidity? I'm not going to be getting chickens for awhile (at least not until I get my own house), but I'd...
  12. Draconargentum

    Newbie Questions from a Desert Rat

    Howdy, all- I suppose I should give some background before I ask my questions, huh? Like the title says, I'm a desert rat, born and bred, from Phoenix. I've always had at least one animal in the house for as long as I lived (with the exception of when I was seven, unless my siblings count)...
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