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  1. annaBsChick

    Kalmbach Feeds

    The big key is looking at the first 3 ingredients listed on the feed tag. Never get feed that doesn't specifically state what it is in the feed. However if you want a useful tool to make comparisons like this, here is a link to a feed comparison tool -
  2. annaBsChick

    Flock attacked, Rooster did his job

    Yes. Bring him to the vet immediately. Dogs carry lots of bacteria in their mouths which are deadly to chickens. He probably needs antibiotics before sepsis kicks in. Here is a case story about it - for your reference. And a directory of vets who see...
  3. annaBsChick

    Chick has an extra toe

    Certain breeds have an extra toe. Silkies for example, have an extra toe, among a few others.
  4. annaBsChick

    Elector PSP and Lice Nits

    Elector PSP does not kill the lice or the nits. It only works on mites. Here is more info about lice for your reference -
  5. annaBsChick

    Cashews? Are they safe for my chickens?

    Unless its on this list, and isn't contaminated with mold, rotting or otherwise in poor condition, it is usually ok for chickens -
  6. annaBsChick

    Hypothermia or Marek's?

    There are other things besides Mareks which can cause weight loss. Have you tried using the chicken symptom checker tool yet?
  7. annaBsChick

    Need ER advice. Chicken ate half an avocado skin...looks bad

    Its too bad you didn't check on poultryDVM before, you could have given her activated charcoal..not its too late -
  8. annaBsChick

    Respiratory infection? Or something else? Getting!

    Have you tried using the chicken symptom checker tool? - It might help you narrow down the possibilities..
  9. annaBsChick


    Add enrichment items to your flock, to help take their minds off pecking each other. Here is a good infographic with ideas -
  10. annaBsChick

    What predator ?

    It sorta sounds canine like to me, but you could always try the poultry predator identifier tool to double check -
  11. annaBsChick

    Ear scab?

    She might have an ear infection -
  12. annaBsChick

    I need info on coccidiosis

    Here is some good info on coccidiosis -
  13. annaBsChick

    Older Hen

    You could bring her to see a vet who sees chickens -
  14. annaBsChick

    Can you keep two cockerels together???

    Yes you can keep them together. There is no magic ratio, it depends on their personalities. I have two roosters who were introduced later in life together with 5 bantam hens and the hens are fine and so are the roosters.
  15. annaBsChick

    At wits end!!!

    Perhaps consider adding some enrichment items to distract them from pecking the hen?
  16. annaBsChick

    Hen killed by unknown predator (gore)

    Have you tried using the poultry predator identifier tool?
  17. annaBsChick


    Have you tried using the chicken symptom checker tool to get an idea of what it else it could be?
  18. annaBsChick

    Neurological, dislocation, or? Need help with chick please!

    Have you tried taking them to see a vet?
  19. annaBsChick

    Marek's Disease

    There is no point in vaccinating them now, its already in the environment. But not all chickens exposed to the virus develop disease. Some are immune to the effects for whatever reason. Here is more info on Mareks -
  20. annaBsChick

    Six-month old duck, niacin deficiency?

    It's probably a combination of issues, considering the poor care the bird has been receiving. However, splay leg stands out to me, which is reversible if taken care of now -
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