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  1. juls_farm

    Keeping the Coop Warm in the Winter

    Ditto on what Valerie J said, both on heat source and overall need for heater.
  2. juls_farm

    Uninsulated coop in northern areas

    We are in Northern NJ as well, and we did not insulate our chicken tractor. The girls (RIRs and BCMs) were 3-4 months old when moved to the tractor last October. They did just fine. Because the tractor had lots of windows covered with mesh, I covered most of the openings with heavy clear...
  3. juls_farm

    No one told me...

    Congrats! Be prepared to become a fresh egg addict!
  4. juls_farm

    What is Your Favorite Word to Describe Your Flock?

    I used to sing “hi girls” to my chickens when they were tiny and all looked the same. Now they answer this call/song even though 3 of them are roos. I also call them “the earners” - when I have to explain to my DH why I give most of the leftovers to them and not to my dogs :)
  5. juls_farm

    Crumble vs pellet

    Pellets are definitely less waste, but they are much more processed compared to crumble/naturally milled feed. I also noticed that all commercial feeders are intended for pellets, and milled feed (from local farm) gets stuck, so that I have to shake my feeders more often.
  6. juls_farm

    New Jersey

    Hello from Sussex County, everyone!
  7. juls_farm

    Discussion: Where do you put your brooder, and why?

    For my first batch last year, I used a small bathroom with shower stall. It was great for temperature control, but the cleanup afterwards was insane (everything was coated with dust). I moved the chicks to a make-shift brooder in our garage afterwards. This year I am setting up a brooder (for my...
  8. juls_farm

    Howdy from Northern NJ!

    Hello BYC! Finally decided to join, but have been lurking for a while. We (my DH, I, 18 chickens, 2 keets, 3 dogs, 4 cats, 1 horse, and 2 goats) live in beautiful Northern NJ (Sussex county). I have BCMs and RIRs, started 1 year ago - so a total newbie, who used this forum for all my questions...
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