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  1. camocutey

    The NEW Crazy 24hr AUCTION thread

    Do you have Royal Palm Turkey eggs?
  2. camocutey

    NPIP Marans Eggs: Blue Birchen, Blue, Blue Copper, Black & Splash

    I am very interested in your Blue Marans and Splash hatching eggsi f you have them. I will not need them until end of May. I am also bad at PM, but I will try:D
  3. camocutey

    Colorado Hatching Eggs Thread

    Thank you for your help.
  4. camocutey

    Colorado Hatching Eggs Thread

    Sorry I am still new to posting, how do I PM you. I am interested in Lavender Orpingtons.
  5. camocutey

    ISO Royal Palm turkey eggs

    Are you going to be selling them? And where are you located?
  6. camocutey

    Help! Chicken laying egg from roost.

    Yes you are quite the pretty boy:lau
  7. camocutey

    Help! Chicken laying egg from roost.

    Might have to, in order to find out which girl is the culprit:hit
  8. camocutey

    New Member!

    Happy to have you! You will enjoy all the wonderful people on here and all the help and knowledge they offer.:frow
  9. camocutey

    Help! Chicken laying egg from roost.

    Thank you for all the help. I also might have to get a catchers mit. :)
  10. camocutey

    Help! Chicken laying egg from roost.

    The Turkey does not bother the hens. I have several hens that sleep in boxes. And he sits right next to them. I also have 10 nesting boxes for 8 hens right now. I only have two ceramic eggs in two boxes. Should I get one ceramic egg for each box?
  11. camocutey

    trying to do the right thing

    Apples are fine but not the seeds.
  12. camocutey

    Chicken treats

    Melt some lard and peanut butter together and add there favorite seeds and dried greens. Pour into square Tupperware and freeze. Then just set out for them to enjoy. My chickens go crazy over it.
  13. camocutey

    Help! Chicken laying egg from roost.

    I have a chicken which keeps laying an egg from the roost. I do not know which hen it is. Every morning when I go into the coop, there is a broken egg at the bottom of the roost. How do I get her to go back to laying in the nesting box? We do have a new Turkey, which is roosting with them at...
  14. camocutey

    Can baby chicks go outside

    My first batch of chicks are 5 weeks old. I put them out for a few hours a day. When can they be left out overnight and be ok? And will they be able to handle the cooler nights?
  15. camocutey

    Should I help my chicken that is hatching?

    I had several that had pipped and stopped. I waited 24 hours and was going to help them, then they died. It was so sad I wished I had done something. Deciding to help is the hardest decision to make. I still do not know what is right or wrong.
  16. camocutey

    Eggs soon to hatch, Coop question.

    I would build something on the ground with protection for them all. Or the chicks may get hurt or killed falling out of the coop.
  17. camocutey

    Egg positioning in lockdown

    I put them in a large flat egg carton with point down. That way when one hatches, it does not knock the other eggs around. And keeps the chicks in the right position for pipping.
  18. camocutey

    Why are my chicks having trouble at hatch

    I have been running at the same temp and humidity and have been having the same problem.
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