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  1. BarredRockMom

    Swollen hen foot, need treatment advice

    Good job, Chicken Mom! I am glad that you are helping her to heal! I hope that she does well. As with human bones, I believe that you should splint, wrap & leave it for a period of time, to give the leg bone a chance to knit. As oppose to taking it down daily. How long are you leaving it...
  2. BarredRockMom

    Death layers in ontario?

    Well, THAT was an informative internet search, thank you very much!! I had no idea that there was such a breed of chicken!
  3. BarredRockMom

    Swollen hen foot, need treatment advice

    Oh poor Ethel! I just saw this thread & wanted to say what a good Chicken Mom you are to tend her injured leg! You're doing a good job, getting good advice and though Ethel will be bored sitting still for a couple of weeks, when she recovers all she's going to remember is that you two are...
  4. BarredRockMom

    Found Emu

    Ok, I am all about killing a predator but in the case of the ostrich??? It didn't DO anything to anyone. That sucks.
  5. BarredRockMom

    Hen back wound from dog

    I am sorry to hear that your hen got attacked. It always catches me right in the heart to think if a chicken in pain or ill. The two (equally) bright spots to your story are that she's still going & your neighbors! Please understand how (sadly) rare & wonderful it is to have such thoughtful...
  6. BarredRockMom

    Cats hunting my chickens

    I applaud your kind heart & the time you invested in helping, taming, rehabilitating the fetal cats that you describe. I also applaud that you keep them contained so that they are safe/other creatures are safe from them. As for would you be justified in killing a dog that wanders onto your...
  7. BarredRockMom

    Cats hunting my chickens

    Nope, you had it right. That is exactly what I was saying. Accidental escapees notwithstanding, if you love your animals keep them confined to your house and your property. If not & they get into trouble, it won't end well for someone. There are all kinds of things that pose dangers to...
  8. BarredRockMom

    Stray female ring neck pheasant

    So??? How goes it with your little adopted ring neck pheasant?? She doing alright??
  9. BarredRockMom

    Cats hunting my chickens

    My chickens are kept securely in their house with a secure & very large attached run in which to wander. When we let them out to free range, we supervise them. They don't get out. They are always in their own yard, minding their own business.
  10. BarredRockMom

    Cats hunting my chickens

    I support your point of view for your situation, just not for mine. If an owner loves their pet(s) then taking care of it/them is of the utmost it should be. If you want your pet to roam (collective not specifically directed toward you), 50% of the equation equals the chance...
  11. BarredRockMom

    Your very last chicken... what would it be?

    Wow, what a cool and virtually impossible thread, lol!!! When I was a little kid, my great aunts had chicken figurines on their kitchen shelves. They were ceramic & black with white spots and such beautiful red combs! When my husband wanted to get us started raising chickens, he said that...
  12. BarredRockMom

    Cats hunting my chickens

    Everyone can and absolutely should do as they see fit. If your way is different & it works for you, good on ya. My way works for me & my girls.
  13. BarredRockMom

    Comment by 'BarredRockMom' in media 'Lacey, the Silver-Laced Wyandotte'

    Ohhhh, she's so pretty! I hope she's a lot nicer than the one she replaced...
  14. BarredRockMom

    Comment by 'BarredRockMom' in media 'Orpy, the Buff Orpington'

    Just think how much MORE beautiful she's going to be when she gets her new feathers in!! She's a sweetie ;)
  15. BarredRockMom

    Help.. anemic after mites

    Anemia is a lack of iron in the blood. Caused by the mite infestation, no doubt, yes. Rooster Booster Poultry Cell (per the description) "is an oral vitamin supplement rich in iron, essential Amino Acids and used to enhance and promote good health." I'd try that. Don't forget to 1) treat...
  16. BarredRockMom

    Cats hunting my chickens

    They die. I help them.
  17. BarredRockMom

    Cats hunting my chickens

    Do as you wish everyone. In my view, once a predator steps onto my property it's on. I don't give warnings, I don't speak to the roaming animal's owners, I don't call animal control & I don't look the other way. I keep the peace by keeping the peace. I will neutralize the chicken threat in...
  18. BarredRockMom

    Stray female ring neck pheasant

    *Doh*. Yes, you DID post it in the right place... apparently I can't read today, lol.
  19. BarredRockMom

    Comment by 'BarredRockMom' in article 'Chicken Wisdom'

    Couldn't have said it better myself! My roosters are long gone (sadly) and I had a nice stroll down memory lane when I thought about kissing them goodnight & having private conversations about how loved & wonderful they were. Chickens. Truly the best animals on the planet! (And out of...
  20. BarredRockMom

    Stray female ring neck pheasant

    I'm tagging a couple of members whose names came up when I searched this site for "Pheasant care". Hopefully, they will be able to give you some help: @Sjisty @TwoBFlying @Amelo1 @Crele @Sam - poultry enthusiast Because "working" isn't always for the birds, BUT IT SHOULD BE!!!!
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