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  1. nakstk

    Is this a rooster?

    yep, He is a cockerel.
  2. nakstk

    Do I have an Easter Egger Rooster?

    Yes,definitely a cockerel. I think it look like an EE Welsummer mix.
  3. nakstk

    My name is Chicken Little...but what am I?

    The 2 chipmunk ones look like they are Speckled Sussex. Their legs/feet look to be pink not yellow like a Welsummer.
  4. nakstk

    Molting in April?

    Glad I have this post to look back on. LOL my SS are at it again with their Molting in April. This time I just found it odd because they molted in Sept/Oct too. I guess they just want to have pretty feathers.
  5. nakstk

    Not sure what I have

    Maybe they have a little Game Bird mixed in them. Some GBs look like Welsummer and Brown Leghorn. It could be the lighting but they look a bit too dark to be Wellies. I am leaning more toward a Brown Leghorn or a mix and that they are still too young for their true earlobe color to be seen.
  6. nakstk

    My EE..roo or hen :)

    looks like a cockerel. This is the site I used to help me identify my EE it has lots of photos of different colored EE and their combs.
  7. nakstk

    Washingtonians Come Together! Washington Peeps

    They are 2 years old and 3(in July) years old. That's why I don't get it. I have checked them for mites there are not any.
  8. nakstk

    Washingtonians Come Together! Washington Peeps

    Is anyone else having issues with their hens having a late Spring molt? I have 5 SS and 2 Wellies. ALL 5 of my SS molted in Sept/Oct as did one of my Wellies. My other Wellie started her molt in late Feb early March which is what she did last year too. They last 2 weeks I have noticed feathers...
  9. nakstk

    gender of my welsummer

    Yep, SS Cockerel
  10. nakstk

    Help with breeds please :)

    Your chipmunk looks like an EE it has a pea comb.
  11. nakstk

    gender of my welsummer

  12. nakstk

    Help with breeds please :)

    The chipmunk one could be an EE they don't always have fluffy cheeks. What kind of comb does it have? Single comb yellow feet could be a Welsummer, single comb pink feet could be a Speckled Sussex.
  13. nakstk

    Any one want to join me in waiting for eggs, posting and comparing notes?

    All 7 of my hens have decided they dont need to lay anymore. I was getting at least 1 egg a day up til the 27th of Jan and then they stopped. I noticed that one of my Wellies is doing a minor spring molt for some reason. She is the same one that did a Spring molt last year too. I am thinking...
  14. nakstk

    Any one want to join me in waiting for eggs, posting and comparing notes?

    My girls are slowing in their old age but all are healthy and happy. My 5 SS are on their 3rd winter this year, they will be 3 in July. My 2 Wellies are on their second winter and will be 2 in April. My egg totals are 2012- (with 5 pullet for the first 10 months of the year) 712 eggs 2013-...
  15. nakstk

    Washingtonians Come Together! Washington Peeps

    We planted some kale right next to our run. The chickens got the stuff right that poked in or that they pulled in and we got the other stuff. That worked out great. I am going to do it again this year too. It also acted as shade for them too. It grew to be 4+foot tall. I am So excited for Spring...
  16. nakstk

    Washingtonians Come Together! Washington Peeps

    If you find a local feed store you can ask them about when they will be getting their chicks in. I know there is a Wilco in Gig Harbor but that's a bit of a drive from you. We have had good luck with our meat birds from them(at the Kelso Wilco). That is where I will be getting our next batch of...
  17. nakstk

    Help a newbie identify who lays what?

    ^^^^This is what I was going to say too.
  18. nakstk

    Buff Orp......Hen or Roo!

    Have you figured out if your BO is a pullet or a cockerel yet?
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