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    FS-NE GA- SQ Bantam Black Cochins

    I don't usually advertise SQ Birds but these Cochins are. They actually came from a Poultry Judge who showed them. My son wanted them to show but since I got them for him he has lost interest in the cochins. They are $50 per bird sold in pairs only unless you are willing to pay $100 per hen, but...
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    FS-NE GA- Pheasants, Junglefowl, & Peafowl

    I have the following for sale and I prefer pickup but if you email or pm me we can discuss shipping. 2008 Trio Imperator Peafowl $600 2009 Red JungleFowl $150 Pair Proven Breeder Pair Impeyans 4 yrs old $500 4 yr old proven Breeder Pair White Crested Kalig $200 4 yr old proven Breeder Pair...
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    FS-Lavender Guineas-Commerce,GA

    We have 18 Lavender Guineas 7-9 weeks old @ $5 each for pickup only in Commerce, Ga. Thanks
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    FS-Red Pyle Modern Game Bantams- NE GA

    I have a pair of 2009 Red Pyle Modern Game Bantams $40 plus shipping and box $55. Thanks
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    FS-Call Ducks- NE GA

    2008 Pastel Males available $25 each 3 to choose from. 2009 Pet Quality Butterscotch Male $25 Will take $80 for all 4 males. Shipping & box are extra $75 for the 4 males. Thanks Pastel Male #1 Pastel Male #2 Pastel Male #3
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    FS-Welsummers, Nankins, & Mottled d'Uccles-NE Georgia

    I have 1 pair of Welsummers for sale. They are $25 and pick up is preferred but will ship. Trio of Mottled d'Uccles from SQ lines. 1 pullet and the cockerel should do well in shows $100. Pair of Nankins for $25 Trio d'uccles Nankins
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    FS- 6 Welsummer Chicks- NE Georgia

    I have 6 Welsummer Chicks that are 6 weeks old for sale. These are pickup only. Thanks
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    FS- Call Ducklings- NE Georgia

    We have some call ducklings for sale. There are some Whites, Grays and other colors available. Price is $15 per duckling. I would like for them to be picked up but will consider shipping them. What we have left are: 6 Grays 1 black bibbed Thanks
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    FS-Mille d'uccle Pair- NE GA

    We have a pair of Mille d'uccles for sale. They are $25 and are pick up only in Commerce,Ga. Thanks
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    FS-Call Ducks- NE GA

    We have a pair of Grays for $75 from our show lines. 2008 Pastel Males available $25 each 3 to choose from. Shipping & box are extra. Thanks Pastel Male #1 Pastel Male #2 Pastel Male #3 Gray Pair #1
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    FS-White Crested Ducklings NE GA

    I have 10 White Crested Ducklings for sale. Pick Up only in NE Georgia. They are $6 each.
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    FS-NE GA Call Duck Breeder Pairs

    I have 3 pairs of Call Ducks for sale. Shipping and box are extra. You can pm me or send me an email if you have any questions. Blues $100 (have been shown and placed well) Grays $100 (from show stock) Butterscotch $150 (from show stock) Visit (for sale album)...
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    Call Ducks For Sale in Northeast Georgia

    We have the following 3 pairs of Call Ducks for sale: Butterscotch $150 Grays $100 Blues $100 Shipping & box are extra. Picture can be seen at for sale album. Thanks Janet
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