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  1. njduck

    turkey nesting box

    go ahead and eat them, they probably wont hatch and no it did not mess her up. turkeys are like chickens they keep laying eggs until they molt. mine layed for 4 months and each 1 had a molt in that time period and went right back to laying. they finally stopped laying after I quit taking the...
  2. njduck

    food for thought or quail for thought

    my whites have the spot on their head, some other eggs I bought have big brown patches on their bodies and nothing on their head. The article about them was a good read. it is just amazing how much faster they are growing then my brown coutornix. I will keep both for awhile and cull as needed to...
  3. njduck

    What are my quail laying?

    I feed mine straight layer crumble from tractor supply and they seem to be doing fine and lay every day
  4. njduck

    food for thought or quail for thought

    this is my first year with quail, I have become addicted. I started off with what I was told were A&M quail chicks. They started laying around 7 weeks. I then ordered some off ebay. To my dismay when they hatched I had new A&M's with brown patches on their backs and wings. So I believe these are...
  5. njduck

    Thinking about hatching quail

    I have coturnix and A&M. From adults to day olds and eggs. I am the last exit on the turnpike. Right before deleware. I also have a bunch of ducks and turkeys
  6. njduck

    Runner( hen ) ducks when do they stop laying?

    are you feeding them to much???
  7. njduck

    Thinking about hatching quail

    where are you at in NJ. I am in Salem county. I have eggs and baby quail.
  8. njduck

    First eggs didn't hatch, did I do something wrong?

    i hatched out a couple hundred turkeys this summer. When I was done hatching I let the turkeys sit on their eggs. 1 turkey hatched out 3 poults out of 18. 2nd turkey is still sitting and she is down to 6 eggs out of 20. 3rd turkey is trying to sit on about 40 eggs because the 2 other hens in the...
  9. njduck

    Mixed Mallard? Pix!~

    it looks like a pure mallard to me. the obvious though is admitting on the World Wide Web that you took eggs from a nest in a public place. the only time a nest or native animals can be touched, destroyed, relocated is by permit only. Otherwise it is a felony, even though you may have had no...
  10. njduck

    club feet

    got it
  11. njduck

    club feet

    forced air, preset to 100, the humidity stays around 30 to 35, then I raise it for hatch
  12. njduck

    club feet

    ok so I am on my 3rd successful hatch of quail. I am having about 90% hatch rate. I am using the sportsmen 1502 digital. I have hatched out a little over 500 ducks and turkeys this spring and summer. I am now trying quail. this last hatch though I have about a 40% club foot problem. Anyone have...
  13. njduck

    Am I feeding my ducks the right food?

    I have multiple species and varying age groups. I have alot of different feed going on and multiple pens. Everything from 1 day old to 3 weeks gets starter/grower. Everything from 3 weeks to ???(they gow in a breeding pen or get sold) is on grower/finisher. In my breeding pens, everything gets...
  14. njduck

    quail adventure continued

    today is day 17 and I have 3 hatched. looks like i have a huge learning curve.
  15. njduck

    quail adventure continued

    So my quail are laying eggs. still not sure of my roo's. I think I have 1 roo and 8 hens. I am getting 6 to 8 eggs a day. 2 nights ago in the dark. I heard the strangest sound coming from the pen. also just 1 making the sound so I would assume it is a roo. I have eggs due to go into lock down...
  16. njduck

    Bourbon Red Turkeys

    this year I upgraded to a LG. yes that was an upgrade from my 1940's sears and roebuck. My first 2 attempts were complete failures. lucky to get a 2% hatch. Upgrade to a GQF 1502. Hatch rate went to 99% first hatch and has stayed there. I am on my 10th hatch right now and I think it is going to...
  17. njduck

    Comparing Breeds--need your experience!!

    this is my first year hatching turkeys, so my results are all by accident. Last year I ordered standard bronze turkeys from mcmurray hatchery. they arrived healthy. I placed them in a large storage tote with no lid and placed in a 3 sided shed while I was plowing. They all got cooked but 1 and...
  18. njduck

    If I don't have real rouens what do I have?

    utility do look alot better in my opinion. guess thats why i am not a judge
  19. njduck

    Turkey hens still laying ?

    i quit pulling eggs for the incubator last week and my hens are still laying an egg a day. they went broody once and quit for a week or 2 then went right back to laying. hopefully they will go broody and hatch some out theirselves.
  20. njduck


    That is such an open ended question, you will get 30 different responses. What do you want to do with the turkeys? Are they dinner? Are they pets? Are you going to breed? Is there a certain color you prefer? Do you want large or midgets? How big is the space you are going to keep them? I...
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