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  1. CalgaryFarmer

    Date Night

    Who here does date night? Well more like date afternoon. I got 13 chicks, 5 pullets and 8 cockralls. I keep them separate but let them roam around together once or twice a week for a couple of hours, letting them do .... well .... chicken stuff. They are almost 6 months old. Seems...
  2. CalgaryFarmer

    Neurotic Chicken Behavior Thread

    Thought I would start a thread on neurotic chicken behaviors. One of my hens spends a good portion of the day walking to the poop door going just out side the coop, turning around and walking back inside and hopping into a nesting box, which is about 6 inches from the poop door, turning...
  3. CalgaryFarmer

    Straight out of the fridge and under Hen

    One of my RIR hens had been playing broody for quite a while, but was never fully committed. She had been sitting on a bunch of fake eggs. Then she became committed. I literally grabbed some eggs out of the fridge and put them under her and removed the fake eggs. I candled the eggs and it...
  4. CalgaryFarmer

    Baby Chicks and Nesting Box

    One of my RIRs has been sitting on some eggs for a week. I candled them and 5 seem to be growing and one maybe not. I am now thinking 2 weeks down the road and when they hatch (something about counting before hatching!!?). What if a chick falls out of the nesting box? It is about a 12...
  5. CalgaryFarmer

    Processing Chickens - How Long Does it Take You

    How long does it take to process 4 chickens once you get set up and start to get proficient at it? I did my first 4 and I am sure it took me at least 6 hours.
  6. CalgaryFarmer

    Crowing - Symptoms and Causes

    Symptoms - A common symptom of a chicken crowing will be a loud boisterous call. Often generalized as a "cock-a-doodle-doo" sound. Can vary quite a bit. Causes: 1. Highly associated with maleness in a chicken, though not required. 2. Colourful plumage on the animal, though not a...
  7. CalgaryFarmer

    Pasty Butt - How long?

    How long do you need to watch for this?
  8. CalgaryFarmer


    Week old chicks love watermelon.
  9. CalgaryFarmer

    Mixing Different Ages of Chicks

    What is the oldest age of chicks would you want to add newly hatched chicks? Can you mix newly hatched chicks with 2 week old chicks? 3 week old?
  10. CalgaryFarmer


    One of my hens seems to have hemroids. She is one years old and is an RIR. There is some of it hanging out. Not much. I can push it in but it comes out again. I think she is still laying. I have isolated her. So we will see. She seems otherwise happy and active. Her comb is fairly...
  11. CalgaryFarmer

    Helping with Broodiness

    I know it is breed dependent and individual dependent, but what can you do to assist with broodiness. I think one is leaving eggs in the nest, and rotating them so they do not go bad until one of misses decides to take up the task. I assume fake eggs or golf balls would do the same trick...
  12. CalgaryFarmer

    Into Your Coop - On Command

    Anyone else able to get their chickens into their coop on command? Corraling them into an open door does not count.
  13. CalgaryFarmer

    Privacy Please

    This is just some scrap jeans that had slits cut into them, not quite to the top. The two end strips were flipped over the top to open it up a bit. About 90% of the eggs are laid in this box. None of the other boxes have this privacy screen.
  14. CalgaryFarmer

    Fishy Eggs

    Our eggs taste fishy. We are not feeding them any fish, or very little if any. Thoughts?
  15. CalgaryFarmer

    Wasting Oyster Shells and Grit

    I accidently dropped some scratch in my buckets of oyster shells and grit. Now the hens toss the grit and oyster shells out of their trays hunting for the goodies.
  16. CalgaryFarmer

    Frozen Poop

    Got a new shovel - wide with a flat bottom. Went to clean out the coop today and the poop was frozen! Quite a number of frozen piles of poop. Rather than chip away at it with an ice pick, I will wait until it warms up.
  17. CalgaryFarmer


    Can you give chickens a raw potatoe? Is it better to cook? Of course I know the best answer will be: "fully baked and fully loaded will make them happiest".
  18. CalgaryFarmer

    Making Sure Your Rooster Knows You Are Top Dog

    My first rooster is coming of age. I have read a fair bit on ensuring your rooster does not become aggressive to you. These include: 1. Pushing your rooster off a hen when he tries to mate in your presence. 2. Chasing your rooster when he starts to crow in your presence. 3. Walking...
  19. CalgaryFarmer

    Dust Bath - Show and Tell

    Here is mine. I found some dirt under a deck and used 1/4 inch hardwire to strain out the bigger pieces. The dirt was dry making it ideal. The dirt bath is under a covered area so ideally it will stay dry. The box is made out of 1x6 cedar. I think the box is 20 inches by 24 inches or so.
  20. CalgaryFarmer

    Does Anyone Hold Their Chickens by their Feet

    I only do it when they are being uncooperative and I only do it until they settle down, which takes 10 seconds or less. To be clear, the chicken is upside down.
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