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  1. mandamay28

    Cotton Patch Geese

    Thank you!
  2. mandamay28

    Cotton Patch Geese

    I want to preserve the breed.
  3. mandamay28

    Cotton Patch Geese

    What should I look for in a bird for breeding? Is there anything I should look for that would dq them from a breeding group?
  4. mandamay28

    Any Pilgrim breeders in FL??????

    I'm looking for a couple female Pilgrims for my gander. I'm hoping to have them for him before breeding season but will order goslings if I have to. I only want incubator hatched so they are imprinted on human and I will pick up at a day or 2 old. I'm in the Daytona Beach area but willing to...
  5. mandamay28

    Pond questions for geese

    How big, circumference and depth, does a poind need to be for geese but to also be self sustaining? I don't want to have to clean it out every week.
  6. mandamay28


    Has anyone had good results with goslings bonding to a human after being hatched and raised by mama goose for a few weeks? I have 2 female Pilgrims that are scared to death of us! They scream when we touch them. they had almost no human contact for the first 3 weeks of their lives and now I have...
  7. mandamay28

    Releasing goslings outside

    I have Sebastapole and Pilgrim who are 3 weeks old. I am going to put them in a coop and run area for the day starting today. I will let them enjoy the pool and grass for an hour before they go into the coop and run though bc the run is just dirt. Then again they can free range an hour in the...
  8. mandamay28

    Raising gosling who imprinted on goose...

    I just picked up 2- 2 and a half weeeks old female Pilgrim goslings. they were hatched by and stayed with Mama goose with very little human contact. They are quite a bit smaller than my male Pilgrim gosling that is 3 days younger as well. The owner siad she fed them "some" grains but not much...
  9. mandamay28

    Corid for Goslings?

    Should I give a preventative dose of corid to my 2 week old goslings? I've strted taking them outside and I don't want them to get sick. I always give a prevetative dose to my chicks when they start going outside... just not sure about goslings. If so, what is the dosage? TIA
  10. mandamay28

    ISO Black LF Cochin hatching eggs..

    Looking for a good quality stock but not necessarily show stock. Shipping to FL. Thank y ou.
  11. mandamay28

    Sebastapol breeding

    I think I may need to find a new Sebbie male gosling. I bought 3 from a guy, straight run. They turned outt o be 2 females and 1 male. They are only 2 wweks old righr now. They will be white with color line. The breeeder said he's pretty sure its safe to breed them bc he has onve 20 females...
  12. mandamay28

    Comment by 'mandamay28' in item 'Houdan'

    HI. I am interested n helping preserve this breed. I have not been successful in locating a breeder. would anyone know where I might be able to find some... other than a hatchery?
  13. mandamay28

    Pilgrim gosling... boy or girl

    Thanks everyone :-)
  14. mandamay28

    Niacin for goslings?

    Do I need to use Niacin supplemental for my goslings? Also What are some good treats we can give them? 1 week old... Thanks!
  15. mandamay28

    Pilgrim gosling... boy or girl

    I know they are autosexing but I don't have another one to compare to. Only 1 egg hatched. Sooo is theis a boy or a girl? Thanks in Advance!!
  16. mandamay28

    Should I intervein?

    Thank you all. I think one may have expired as i don’t see movement any longer however i will not remove it. I’ll kust sit on my hands and wait :-) They internally pipped Wed afternoon.
  17. mandamay28

    Should I intervein?

    I have Pilgrim eggs in the incu. Today is day 31. All internally piped on Wed. 1 hatched yesterday. The others still do not have an external pip. I put a small safety air hole in the air cell yesterday. I hear at least 1 peeping. I candled before putting the safty hole in and all were moving. Is...
  18. mandamay28

    Please help. Goose hatching

    I was told to sit on my hands. LOL I'm new to hatchig geese as well. Just hatched my firdst yeasterday and still have 3 more that are internally pipped x 3 days with no external pip. This goose egg hatching is stressfull! Mine are on day 31.
  19. mandamay28

    2018 Hatchalong

    My first Pilgrim hatched yesterday!!!! I think its a girl... She's dark and her beal is dark ish.
  20. mandamay28

    how long before....

    Goslings get their walking legs. My little pilgrim girl is only a few hours old but she is not walking yet. She has stood upa couple of times but fpr the most part she just kind of lays there. Wondering ow long before she is up and at it.
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