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    Spots on the *inside* of the eggshell?

    Well, they're not part of the egg, just on the inside of the SHELL. We do get some meat spots occasionally from one of our hens, but in the egg white. I wonder if that could be related? Just not sure if this is a problem or not.
  2. Supernatural

    New with Questions and wanting advice

    Your coop and run size is plenty big enough for 8-10 chickens. Before we finished our 6ft fence, we let ours out for supervised "yard time". Our coop is made from salvaged material and old fencing boards. It has a wood floor, but sits on cinderblocks off the ground (that way we don't have to...
  3. Supernatural

    bottom of the run hardware cloth necessary?

    We dug a trench all around the run and ran the chickenwire walls down about a foot or so under the ground, then buried it. Some critter (we have plenty of raccoons and opossums) managed to pry/dig up the wire and get in - thankfully, the coop itself was buttoned up tight. Since then, we...
  4. Supernatural

    Spots on the *inside* of the eggshell?

    Sometimes my chicken eggs have spots - grayish, almost looks like mildew - on the inside of the eggshell. Obviously, I don't notice this until the egg is cracked into my frying pan. Anybody know what causes this? Are the eggs safe to eat?
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    Cleaning Eggs

    My eggs often have dark speckles on them, that come off when washed. So, since I give eggs away to friends, family, the food pantry, etc., I wash them with just plain water, and sometimes scrub a bit with a nylon dish brush or damp sponge, then they go into the fridge. Should I not be doing...
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    Do chicken recognize their owners?

    My girls treat every visitor as a potential treat-giver and come closer, but they hang back a bit until they're sure that person is actually carrying something that may be edible. (They've been known to help themselves to treats right out of unsuspecting visitor's hands - try smoothing that...
  7. Supernatural

    Hens not laying regularly

    Gorgeous birds, and a cute coop! Is it possible for them to get underneath and lay there? I hope someone can answer this soon, because I'm wondering the same thing about my 2 year old BO's - I only get an egg every other day or so from them, which is weird, because they were laying an egg a...
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    How long will I have to put the new chickens in the coop at night?

    Actually, after only a week, I think everyone is settled! Two nights ago, all the young pullets were at least IN the coop when I went out to close them up, and tonight two of them were on the roost right next to the big mean Boss Lady! But I think there were other factors to them getting...
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    How long will I have to put the new chickens in the coop at night?

    It's nice to know when you did the right thing completely without trying Thanks.
  10. Supernatural

    Will you"Ever Kill AND Eat Your "CHICKENS" Pls tell your ideas to the world no - ARGUMENT pls

    ... and interesting that the first few responses are from a curious username (dddddd) who apparently joined today, and whose only posts are to this thread... Good question, though. And valid for this forum, so long as the intent is to actually get others' opinions on the matter, and not some...
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    How long will I have to put the new chickens in the coop at night?

    Last night I finally got sick of moving my 9 week old pullets in and out of the house every morning and night. They were crowding by the back door when I went out to close my 2yo BO's in, so I just took the pullets and set them on roosts in the coop and shut them in. I know it takes them a...
  12. Supernatural

    cold chickens

    This has been our experience as well. We did have a few hens that got a touch of frostbite on the ends of their combs during their first harsh winter, where we had several weeks of below-zero temps. Our coop is insulated but a bit drafty. They huddle together, and on the really cold nights...
  13. Supernatural

    Will you"Ever Kill AND Eat Your "CHICKENS" Pls tell your ideas to the world no - ARGUMENT pls

    I just had a discussion about this with my kids a couple of days ago. One of our "pullets" is starting to look like a rooster, and I said, "If that thing starts crowing, we're going to eat him." I got chickens to produce food for me, in one way or another. If they won't lay eggs, they're...
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    Clipping claws?

    I have little clippers for the guinea pigs/ ferrets, but I doubt they're big enough. I'll pick up some dog clippers the next time I hit the pet store. Thank you!
  15. Supernatural

    Pasteurized Eggs?

    Imp: Thank you. Am I wrong in assuming salmonella is more common in large factory farms? Is this because of high contamination of feces and multiple birds, or is salmonella simply common in chickens inherently? Is there reason for someone with a small flock of healthy birds to be concerned...
  16. Supernatural

    Clipping claws?

    Thanks. I figured I could just leave it be. I don't see it catching on anything or bothering her in any way. In case it does, an inch or so out? Scissors? I think we'll just wing it.
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    Name Your Flock! What do you call your ladies

    My first group of chicks were all Buff Orpingtons, and all of them pretty much looked the same. Their names are Goldie, Goldie, Goldie, and Boss Lady. My new group is 5 Silver-laced Wyandottes and one possible Barred Rock which is also possibly a rooster, and therefore possibly a chicken stew...
  18. Supernatural

    Clipping claws?

    One of my big BO hens somehow broke a toe last summer. It healed, but now it's all crooked, and that toe doesn't get used when she's scratching around the yard. So now that one claw is getting ridiculously long. I don't think it's bothering her... can I cut it? Should I cut it?
  19. Supernatural

    Pasteurized Eggs?

    Hmm.. that is interesting. And it makes me wonder if the danger of microbial contamination isn't related to what may be ON the shell, rather than in it?
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