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  1. xxxgeorgiexxx

    March Hatch-A-Long

    I only had 3 chicks this hatch which is my worse hatch rate in along time. It’s disappointing but it’s still early year. I’m guna do another hatch this month at some point.
  2. xxxgeorgiexxx

    March Hatch-A-Long

    2 more chicks hatched yesterday and the last chick to hatch unfortunately died in the egg. got 3 healthy chicks from this hatch 1 jersey giant and 2 maran x arucanas . Good luck to those still hatching :)
  3. xxxgeorgiexxx

    March Hatch-A-Long

    Update. The Jersey giant chick has hatched, still waiting on the other three . I will take pictures in the morning :jumpy:jumpy:jumpy
  4. xxxgeorgiexxx

    March Hatch-A-Long

    I sure will :)
  5. xxxgeorgiexxx

    March Hatch-A-Long

    So cute :love
  6. xxxgeorgiexxx

    March Hatch-A-Long

    Day 23 3 out 4 of the eggs left have finally pipped and they are all cheeping away. Good luck to everyone who's still waiting :jumpy
  7. xxxgeorgiexxx

    March Hatch-A-Long

    Day 14 Candled eggs again 9 out of 11 eggs doing well :D
  8. xxxgeorgiexxx

    Went to the feed store for a bale of hay,

    Sounds like something I would do. Thankfully my feed store never has chicks for sale. Congratulations on your new chicks!!
  9. xxxgeorgiexxx

    March Hatch-A-Long

    Hi Guys Today I set 11 hatching eggs in the incubator they are maran x arucana and Jersey giants. I will post updates as the time goes on. Hatch date should be 27th March. Can't wait to see how everyone else's hatches go!! Best of Luck to everyone :jumpy
  10. xxxgeorgiexxx

    how many Eggs you get today

    4 eggs out of 4 hens
  11. xxxgeorgiexxx

    May hatch along :)

    I just put 6 buff orpington and 6 gold laced orpington eggs in the incubator today due to hatch may 28th.
  12. xxxgeorgiexxx

    Roo or pullet?

    looks like a rooster
  13. xxxgeorgiexxx

    May Hatch-a-Long!

    I'm setting 12 Silver Laced Orpington eggs in the incubator today.
  14. xxxgeorgiexxx

    post your chicken coop pictures here!

    Bought this coop last week off ebay for the chicks to go in before they go in the big coop up the field.
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