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  1. tandersphoenix

    Buckeye Hatching Eggs 12+ $45 includes shipping

    I have fall hatching eggs available for anyone looking to get chicks started for spring layers or summer show birds! 1 dozen plus hatching eggs from my line of Buckeyes NPIP and Avian influenza monitored flock $45 includes shipping to continental 48 states.
  2. tandersphoenix

    Dominique Large Fowl 12+ Hatching Eggs

    I have hatching eggs available if you're looking to have early spring layers or summer show birds! These are good producers and show birds. Hen pictured below has won American Champion Pullet Shipping is $15 to continental USA NPIP and AI monitored Flock
  3. tandersphoenix

    Investigating How to relist or bump listings on BST forum

    Hi, I'm not seeing the bump or relist option on my bst listings. I may not be seeing it?
  4. tandersphoenix

    12+ Day Old Dominique Chicks (Includes Shipping)

    12 plus extras Day Old Dominique Chicks! Bred for Show Qualities without sacrificing productivity or fertility. Hen pictured below won Champion American Pullet in 2016. $100.00 includes shipping to most states. NPIP and Avian influenza clean flock. Pay Pal is preferred payment method. Next batch...
  5. tandersphoenix

    15 + Standard Bred Buckeye Chicks- Dominiques also available for March shipments

    I will begin hatching chicks for March shipments and through spring. Chicks are $5 each plus $15 shipping. Minimum 15 chick order for shipping purposes. These are very nice quality chicks in both breeds. I breed for show birds while also keeping laying and meat building qualities as a priority...
  6. tandersphoenix

    Jansen White Homing Pigeons

    Anyone still around in this thread? Looking for some white homers.
  7. tandersphoenix

    1dozen + Standard Bred Buckeye eggs

    I have and will have more Buckeye large fowl eggs availabe . Shipping is $14 so total for order is $49.00. Eggs are from Standard Bred stock not hatchery stock. Parents have great color and type for production and show birds! NPIP and Avian Influenza monitored flock. Please PM me for your order...
  8. tandersphoenix

    Dominique and Buckeye Fall hatching eggs

    I have a few openings for fall hatching eggs for those who want birds to start laying early spring and who need show birds ready for summer shows! Dominique and Buckeyes available. $30/ dozen plus shipping $14.00. Both of these lines are good producers and show very well. One of our dominique...
  9. tandersphoenix

    12+ Black Breasted Red Ohiki Hatching Eggs

    For Sale-12+ BB Red Ohiki hatching eggs. Shipping is $14
  10. tandersphoenix

    Bantam English Chocolate Orpington Day Old Chicks

    Hi, thank you for your interest but they are no longer available.
  11. tandersphoenix

    Bantam English Chocolate Orpington Day Old Chicks

    Hi the Wyandottes aren't hatching yet. I'll let you know for sure when they get going? Not sure when they will so don't want to take any money yet from you. I'll send you a pm when they start doing better. Thanks!
  12. tandersphoenix

    Bantam English Chocolate Orpington Day Old Chicks

    These are a good bantam size I believe. Very comparable to a bantam cochin
  13. tandersphoenix

    Bantam English Chocolate Orpington Day Old Chicks

    Hi, yes they are great layers however are not hatching very good yet this year. I can let you know when I get some if you would like.
  14. tandersphoenix

    Bantam English Chocolate Orpington Day Old Chicks

    Hi, yes I think I have some coming next week too. How many you looking for? Thanks!
  15. tandersphoenix

    Great Starter Assortment Day Old Chicks

    I am hatching several hundred chicks a week now that the weather has warmed up! Most of the single breed orders get filled but I have lots of odds and ends left over that would make a nice assortment flock. $5.00 each is a great deal for some of the breeds. Breeds may include Large Fowl...
  16. tandersphoenix

    The Buckeye Thread

    Finally the grass is greening up and having some nice weather to enjoy the Buckeyes out in the evening. 2 year old male and some of the girls
  17. tandersphoenix

    Day Old Buckeye Chicks

    One of my 2 year Old Males
  18. tandersphoenix


    Those look like some nice hens you have there!
  19. tandersphoenix

    Day Old Dominique Large Fowl

    Ok, sounds great
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