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  1. daproper

    For Sale: Black Copper Maran roos

    For sale: 1 adult Black copper Maran.1 year old. Protective of his flock, excellent coloring and size. 1 (3) month old roo (2 to pick from). Getting too many boys for my small flock - need to re-home a couple of the boys. $15.00 each or $20 for both
  2. daproper

    Will a broody hen "adopt" chicks hatched in an incubator??

    I have a hen who has been sitting on eggs for 4 weeks with no sign of hatching any time soon. I have 4 chicks that were hatched in an incubator 4 days ago. What are the odds I could slip these babies under the mamma and have her raise them as her own?
  3. daproper

    How do I keep the chickens out of the flowerbeds?

    My chickens seem to be wandering a bit this year and have taken to the neighbor's flower beds. Is there anyway we can safely keep them from digging in her flowers? Thanks
  4. daproper

    4-H Turkeys

    Not sure if it's related to crop stasis but we always lose 1 or 2 turkeys every year. I know they're more delicate than chicks but it just seems to be the norm. We've had better luck with BBB than whites.
  5. daproper

    What breed am I???

    Saw these two cuties today and couldn't pass them up - nobody knew the breed though. Any ideas??
  6. daproper

    Head lice on Chickens?

    We tried dusting - it was messy, I wasn't sure I was truly getting it under their wings and I was concerned about breathing the dust - even though I wore a mask. After A LOT of research this is what we found and it truly works. It's fast and effective. You need two things and preferably...
  7. daproper

    Mites! Ekkk! D:

    You need two things and preferably two people. 1) Ivermectin pour on for cattle (yes, I know you've got chickens - make sure it's the pour on and not the injectable) and 2) a medicine dropper (you can pick one up from your local pharmacy if you don't have one). You can get the Ivermectin at...
  8. daproper

    HELP! Dog attack, two chickens dead, one very injured!

    Sounds like we've had the same day - only it's my own dogs to blame. We have a polish crested roo who likes to be around people. He's been hanging out at the house a lot the past few days, separating himself from the flock. He's the best roo we've every had. Very friendly and a great...
  9. daproper

    Oh where, Oh where can my chickens be?

    We had an Araucana pullet who was missing for three days - gave her up for gone when all the sudden she's back. ??? A few weeks later our roo did the same thing. Don't know where they're going but they seem to find they're way home.
  10. daproper

    chicken lice

    Does anyone know how often you can apply the Ivermectin and how fast it works? We're heading to fair in three weeks and just found out we have lice. Thanks!!
  11. daproper

    FREE Wheaten/Blue Wheaten (?) cockerel-pick up only MI

    Would you consider letting a hen go too to make a breeding pair?
  12. daproper

    Looking for Quail Antwerp Belgian Bantams

    We're looking for some Quail Antwerp Belgian Bantams, perferably chicks to be shipped in mid-February to Michigan, aprx 6 - 8. We would consider eggs. Please contact me at [email protected] if you will have chicks or eggs available at that time. Thanks Denise
  13. daproper

    d'uccle chicks - gender and color help please

    I am so VERY happy that these are both girls!!!!! We'll attempt a breeding next spring if anyone is interested.
  14. daproper

    silver something - breed and gender help please

    We thought this was a silver seibright but there's no rose comb like the other two. Any ideas??
  15. daproper

    d'uccle chicks - gender and color help please

    Seriously 2 pullets!!! YEAH!!!! I was hoping to at least get 1 out of the pair. We seem to get all the boys.
  16. daproper

    Mystery chick - any ideas on breed?

    Black Star isn't an available breed from MPC. We were hoping it was the double laced Barnevelder that was supposed to be shipped or possible welsummer.
  17. daproper

    d'uccle chicks - gender and color help please

    Here are our two d'uccle chicks. One is a millie - roo or pullet. Is #2 a self blue or porcelain - roo or pullet. They are two months old. d'uccle #1 d'uccle #2
  18. daproper

    Mystery chick - any ideas on breed?

    Here are updated pics of our mystery chick. Still looking for breed ideas. We know it is NOT a GLW.
  19. daproper


    Possible Millie's that don't have their spots yet. Ours are 2 months old and they are just starting to come in now.
  20. daproper

    Cannibalizing poults

    Thanks for all your help and suggestions. Ours are on chick starter - actually 26%, which is the highest I can find around here (Michigan). I am going to change to a red light today. I talked to the feed store yesterday afternoon and she also recommended putting a baby cake (high protien -...
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