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  1. Farmer Peggy

    Roosters cone has flopped over very quickly is he sick?

    I have a two year old leg horn rooster and he had a great straight up big cone . Within a matter of 1 1/2 weeks it has curled and flopped over. Is there something wrong with him? Is this normal to happen so quickly? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. Farmer Peggy

    Has anyone named their coop?

    I would like to hear everyones coop names....
  3. Farmer Peggy

    ONtario Chickeners

    Ok fair results are in... Bared rock hen -1st place Leghorn Rooster-2nd place. I have to say everything went really good today talked to some nice people. I was a little upset how some of the poultry was handled today! I guess not everyone considers their pets as family or should I say Poultry...
  4. Farmer Peggy

    ONtario Chickeners

    Hi You were talking to Sue? I did not get my diapers yet can't wait! I have to bath my Rooster and one hen today, we are getting ready to put them in the fair tomorrow. Should be interesting! How do you know Sue?
  5. Farmer Peggy

    ONtario Chickeners

    Hi Everyone I am from Oil Springs I work in sarnia. Is anyone else from Sarnia area?
  6. Farmer Peggy

    Hi from Ontario!!!!!

    Hi I am from southern Ontario. I have been on here for about a month. I have 1 Rooster and 3 hens. I find this site very informative.
  7. Farmer Peggy

    Show Off your good Photos

    Here is a few pictures...
  8. Farmer Peggy

    Halloween costume contest. Results in.

    Here is a picture of Roosey dressed for Halloween. Sorry no hats would work with his cone!
  9. Farmer Peggy

    Halloween costume contest. Results in.

    Hi everyone I have to say there is some pretty cute pictures! Sorry my rooster he wasn't dressed up scary for Halloween! That's "Roosey" and it is a real picture it is not photshopped! Here is a pic with his hat on! Not liking it much!
  10. Farmer Peggy

    FS: Chicken saddles (wing protector) and goose, duck, chicken diapers

    So great! Very cute!This is what I need! My chickens and rooster love to come in the house to visit but I am constantly following them with paper towels! My mother thinks I am crazy!... Well maybe I am... chicken crazy! I was wondering if the diapers could accomodate their tails so that the tail...
  11. Farmer Peggy

    Halloween costume contest. Results in.

    Are Roosters ok to enter? Here is mine dressed up for Christmas last year...
  12. Farmer Peggy

    My Bared Rock hen is losing feathers...

    Hi Everyone I was wondering if anyone could help me my bared rock hen has lost feathers on her chest belly and on her back just before her tail feathers. I put Ivomec drops on the hens and rooster about once a month. I am going to get some Food grade DE. She seems to always have lose stool...
  13. Farmer Peggy

    Winterizing a chicken coop

    Here are the pictures, Thanks for your help!
  14. Farmer Peggy

    Winterizing a chicken coop

    HJi Everyone Can anyone tell me how to put a picture on here? I want to make my dog kennel in my garage into a chicken coop. but I am worried that it will not be warm enough for them. I have 3 hens and 1 rooster. The kennel is made of posts and chainlink fence. I am going to install a window...
  15. Farmer Peggy

    Winter coop ideas

    Good idea with the bales of straw. I am a little concerned that the chipboard is only going 4 feet high and then it would be chainlink then rest of the way to the roof. Any heat from the heat bulb will go out through the chain link fence on the side. I know that it will be inside the garage but...
  16. Farmer Peggy

    Winter coop ideas

    I have a coop in my insulated garage right now but last winter I had to keep bringing the chickens in the house on extremely cold nights. I am planning to turn my dog kennel in the garage, into a chicken coop. The kennel has a cement floor and is chain link fence to four feet high. I have 3 hens...
  17. Farmer Peggy

    Roosters tail feathers

    I have a rooster that has lost a couple of long tail feathers will they grow back if they fall out?
  18. Farmer Peggy

    Automatic chicken feeders

    I bought a chicken feeder that the feed falls down as they eat it. Problem is this must be great fun because they seem to use their beaks to scratch out the food. Everyday they empty this thing and the food is being wasted. I have hung it a little higher thinking they were doing it with their...
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