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  1. luvussomechicks

    how common is bacillary white diarrhea? and should I be concerned?

    I am so sorry to hear about your flock. So, how do you go on in the future chicken keeping after culling a whole flock? Do you tear down your pen and start somewhere else, Not allowed to get anymore chickens at all?
  2. luvussomechicks

    Chicken Death

    I just read the link, That Quail Lady just posted, and thank you for that. Pollorum is about the main disease, with our symptoms, that would make you cull the whole flock. Pray that it is not that. Has any of you, had any dealings with that?
  3. luvussomechicks

    Chicken Death

    I've just had 2 die this week as well. Same symptoms as yours but one also had diarrhea. My Silkie roo was just sitting in a corner of the pen for all of June and then this month I found him in the house a lot. He just looked like the heat was getting to him. But I've been putting ACV and...
  4. luvussomechicks

    Injured leg? In chick?!?

    Mine is swollen. It was injured in the chicken wire. How long in the splint, she's 2 days old?
  5. luvussomechicks

    Chick with injured leg

    I have a 2 day old Silkie chick, that got tangled up in chicken wire. It's little foreleg is swollen and has a little knot on it that I suspect is a broken leg. I have splinted it but, I was considering the sling for it. The only problem I see is that it has a mama hen that adores it. It's the...
  6. luvussomechicks

    how often do ducks lay egg?

    I have 2 I think black Saxon or mixed ducks. I always thought I had both girls because when they started laying last summer, it's always, every day lays 2 eggs. Mainly laid at same nest, looks like same time. I just thought one crawled on right after another. Now I find one mating with other...
  7. luvussomechicks

    what chicken breeds can hawks take?

    What about red tailed hawks getting adult ducks? Think they could?
  8. luvussomechicks

    A Silly Question - Maybe? (about spurs)

    Do you think the blood and pain would mainly come from cutting the quick. Could I just twist off the spur and glue on an electrical nut with superglue? I read another thread saying they glued one on the spur itself but, I would think the quick would be better. What do ya'll think?
  9. luvussomechicks

    Aggressive Rooster

    I have an Americauna roo out of my first chicks. Then, I got a Lavender Orphington roo. Last spring i got chicks and 2 turned out to be buff orphington roos. My Americauna is the Alpha male and we all except that. The LO is so gentle and curious about us. He will walk around following us and...
  10. luvussomechicks

    Laying chicken laid a tiny egg today

    Our chickens are not new layers but, I got a tiny brown egg like that, 3 days in a row. Something wrong I wonder? Nothing new in our chicken world of feed, no stress. Its been alittle warmer here lately, but that shouldn't matter too much. I don't even know which of my 20 hens layed it, lol!
  11. luvussomechicks

    How many times/day do you feed your chickens?

    we used to leave our feed out to eat as they will. But they all of a sudden, just started eatting it up in 2 days, way overeating. So we have to feed them once to twice daily.
  12. luvussomechicks

    All hens stopped laying

    I know mine are not hiding eggs. They have good ventilation. I wormed them 10 days ago with Wazine and 3 days ago with Ivermectin !%.In case of bugs that I'm not seeing, or worms. I have about 16 hens. I was getting up to 13 per day this past fall/winter. Now 4 went broody but I got them out...
  13. luvussomechicks

    For the new folks that haven't experienced a molt yet.

    Sorry, no pictures. But the heads of at least 6 and some of the lower back near the tail of the of some. Some of these hens were born in 2011 and they had their molt last fall. And it is mainly those who are in molt again. Along with a couple that were born last summer. They shouldn't be in molt...
  14. luvussomechicks

    For the new folks that haven't experienced a molt yet.

    No stress I could think of. I've also checked for bugs. Do they molt in spring?
  15. luvussomechicks

    Comment by 'luvussomechicks' in article 'Caring For Cross Beaked And Other Special Needs Chickens Including Tube Feeding Techniques'

    I have a little cross beaked americana hen. About 3 months old now. I feed it straight out of the bag. When I walk into the coop, she's right there to fly up onto my shoulder and I open the feed barrel and she nose dives straight into the bag! lol it's so funny. I let her eat while I feed the...
  16. luvussomechicks

    For the new folks that haven't experienced a molt yet.

    Maybe I missed it, but my question is- This is the first part of June and I know we had a cool spring, but my flock is in molt. I thought they only molted around aug or sept. of the year? Can they molt twice in one year? We have checked for bugs, cleaned out the house and nesting boxes and put...
  17. luvussomechicks

    Please help sex my ducks, what breed?

    I bought 2 ducks at Stockdale this spring. They were black with white chests. one has a hat. Now that they are 7 weeks old and fully feathered, they lost their white chest and now only white tips on wings. It hasn't lost the hat though. Here are several pics. Please help me sex and breed my...
  18. luvussomechicks

    Crooked beak chick

    My Americana hen is just like that. She's about 2 months old now. Acts like she's always hungry. I think it takes longer for her to eat. I make sure she gets alittle more time to eat than others. She's growing. I was wondering if I could cut her beaks to make them alittle smaller. I know the...
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