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  1. kakhan

    Infected Chick

    Have a 3 weeks old Blue comb chick.From first week it has got infected eye.With time the eye closed and a growth was formed.From last week 'the similar' thing is growing on his beak.I have been applying eye ointments but when the eyes closed,an anti bacterial cream on his eye and beak.Also been...
  2. kakhan


    Hi I am also from Pakistan.Someone asked about Aseels.They are not good layers but there beauty is immense.They are used mainly for fighting.
  3. kakhan

    How many Males for Bantam hens

    Thank you all for the reply.So it means let him enjoy the trio :) and hatchability will not be disturbed.
  4. kakhan

    How many Males for Bantam hens

    I have 3 Black Bantam Cochin hens and a Rooster.Is this OK for the fertility?How many Hens could i keep with a single male.Same is the case with my Blue Rose Combs.1 Male and 3 females.
  5. kakhan

    Home-made incubator...does it need a fan?

    On which side of the incubator the fan should be installed?I have a small wooden 2x2 manual.I have installed a pc fan12 volts running on 6 volts cell charger.confused about its direction.Should i install it on the front middle area or on sides?
  6. kakhan

    Incubator temp raised URGENT

    @Sumi they are in day 14.................
  7. kakhan

    Incubator temp raised URGENT

    Thank you all for quick replies. Yes the eggs were little hot.Its a small 50 egg manual bator and i think temp was raised for an hour.
  8. kakhan

    Incubator temp raised URGENT

    Today at 5 pm everything was fine but at 9 when i checked temp was raised to 60 *Celcius.Humidity droped to 35.I pulled the eggs out,dismantled the thermostat,(its wafer capsule) and again connected it,it is working fine now. I had around 25 eggs of bantam cochin,silkies and wyandotte.15 eggs...
  9. kakhan

    Egg less Bantams

    Yes dear its a female,was lying eggs till August. May be shorter day lights as its still winter here and temp around 10 *C.
  10. kakhan

    Egg less Bantams

    My Black tail are idle from last 6 months.No eggs during this period.What could be the reasons?
  11. kakhan

    Comment by 'kakhan' in article 'Incubating and Hatching Chicken Eggs aka HATCHING 101'

    Thank you Sally.You have always been helpful and have saved thousand of chicks :) Keep it up we want more from you.
  12. kakhan

    Question on fan for incubator!

    Thank you jenjscott.I was waiting for answer and you came with it.One more question,where to fix the fan in the bator?I have a small 50 eggs manual wooden incubator.There are 2 bulbs on the 2 side walls and thermostat on the center front wall.Size is 2x2x2.
  13. kakhan

    True Leader

    'A True leader leads on the difficult path....'
  14. kakhan

    Making incubators

    Very helpful tips.Just one question.Could we palce eggs upside down rather then sideways in the trays?
  15. kakhan

    What can you do with infertile eggs that have been in the incubator for 5-7 days?

    Thank you all.This was a million dollar question,what to do with them... What you say if i boil them and give them to birds,is it safe and will not have any bacteria etc??Have anybody tried if they have eaten/cooked?
  16. kakhan

    Hatching Eggs Under A Heat Lamp

    congratulations.How many days the eggs spent under the lamp?
  17. kakhan


    When cock and hen mate,fertilization takes place.Is it necessary they 'do it' daily to get fertilized eggs or 'doing it once' is enough for some eggs which are later laid.
  18. kakhan

    Dairy Cow

    Have you got it?Very good and easy to keep breed.
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