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  1. txcarl1258

    What am I?

    So this baby hatched from a batch of chocolate muscovy eggs I purchased. Obviously not a muscovy baby since it hatched on day 28. Any ideas? It's coloring is really throwing me off. [/IMG]
  2. txcarl1258

    Muscovy projects

    Anyone working on muscovy color projects this year? Currently I am expanding my ripples. I have a pair of chocolates and 3 split to ripple ducklings with several eggs in the bator. Bought some regular chocolate eggs to get a seperate line to outcross. If I can find some blue and lavenders will...
  3. txcarl1258

    Brinsea spot check vs hovabator thermometer

    I am currently using a forced air hova bator genesis with a brinsea spot check thermometer as a back up. I have the probe at egg level and it is showing almost a full degree lower than what the hova is showing. Should I adjust the hova so the brinsea will show 99.5?
  4. txcarl1258

    What do you feed your breeding poultry?

    Currently I have a breeding flock of BBS ameraucana and muscovy ducks. Currently I am feeding the ducks Purina flock raiser and my ameraucana Purina Laying pellets. I have read that the laying pellets can be bad for the roosters due to the calcium levels. I was thinking of switching all the...
  5. txcarl1258

    Type of wire to use for quail pen floor

    What type of wire do you all use for the floor of your quail pens? Currently I am using hardware cloth and it seems to be giving them sores on their feet. Any help is appreciated.
  6. txcarl1258

    Jumbo quail eggs don't fit in quail rack for turner.

    My jumbo brown coturnix eggs don't see to fit in the quail egg racks. I have already had two fall out and get cracked when the turner rotates. Has anyone else had this problem?
  7. txcarl1258

    What color is this polish chick?

    I have a 5 week old polish chick that I believe is a khaki, but I am not sure. It came from some eggs I bought from eBay and the seller has this color in his breeders. [/IMG]
  8. txcarl1258

    Crazy Muscovy Mom

    My white muscovy hen has 10 three week old ducklings. 5 chocolate, 1 black, and 4 white. Today I noticed her picking on the white ones. Pecking them and chasing them around the pen. The white ones are slightly bigger than the others, but not enough to be noticeable. Has anyone ever had this...
  9. txcarl1258

    Coturnix problems

    I recently culled my flock of 22 coturnix. I kept 12 females and 3 males in a 2' x 6' cage. I had all the males separated with no problems so I could keep the biggest ones. Once I put them with the girls the problems started. One of them has bumble foot and they all three fight constantly! I...
  10. txcarl1258


    I think my chicks may have coccidiosis. I am feeding them medicated feed. Should I treat them with corid as well? They are about 7 weeks old.
  11. txcarl1258

    SQ Muscovy Ducks

    Does anyone know of any breeders who raise Show Quality Muscovy ducks who ship day olds or hatching eggs? I haven't had much luck locating any one who keeps their scovies sperated by color.
  12. txcarl1258

    First goose egg!!!

    Today my 10 month old embden female laid her first egg! I have seen them mating a lot so I figured it wouldn't be long. If I keep taking them away will she keep laying?
  13. txcarl1258

    Are your embdens noisy?

    I have a 10 month old pair of embdens and they are so noisy! Not as bad as the Chinese I have had in the past, but they honk quite a bit. I swear they honk if the wind blows funny!:P Does any one else think their embdens are noisy?
  14. txcarl1258

    Temp at 99 should I adjust?

    So I have started my first batch of coturnix eggs. Today is day 5 and I am using a forced air LG. I haven't had any temp swings it goes between 99 and a 100. My question is my digital thermometer shows 99 degrees and 38 % humidity. Should I adjust the temp to 100? Should I raise the humidity...
  15. txcarl1258

    Looking for testers.

    Hello everyone I am looking for 3 to 4 people to be my "guinea pigs" for my scovy eggs. I have never shipped eggs before so I am willing to send a few people some eggs for just the cost of shipping. By agreeing to this I will not be held responsible if your eggs arrive broken or do not hatch...
  16. txcarl1258

    Anyone have chocolate Muscovies?

    Hello everyone. Does anyone have any chocolate Muscovies that sell hatching eggs? I am looking for solid chocolate birds. Thank you
  17. txcarl1258

    Janoel 48 Incubators

    So I have been researching the Janoel incubators on ebay and on here. I have seen some mixed reviews and most of them are almost a year old. Has anyone used one recently? If so what did you think about it? I am torn between one of these and the hovabator genesis. I understand there are much...
  18. txcarl1258

    Any one use this incubator? I saw this one on ebay but I have never heard of it.
  19. txcarl1258

    Looking for Scovy eggs

    I am looking for some Scovy hatching eggs. I would prefer chocolate,blue,or silver. Mixed colors are ok as well. I already have white so please no whites. Send me a PM or post below. Thanks!
  20. txcarl1258

    Broody Scovies

    Does any one else have broody scovies this time of year? I have TWO! One of them is due to hatch in about two weeks, and the other just commited to brooding. I feel like a bad duck owner because I didn't even realize one of them was missing until I noticed two of them missing one day. I am...
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