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  1. WalkingWolf1

    My Experience with Cornish X This is a link that describes our experience taking meat birds to point-of-lay. We have never had much luck getting the corn-X to adult. One of the keys to success is restrict how much you feed them to slow down their grow rate.
  2. WalkingWolf1

    "Louisiana "La-yers" Peeps"

    Good morning LA lay'ers. Anyone know of any Guinea eggs available for hatching? I'm in the Lafyette area.
  3. WalkingWolf1

    GRAPHIC PICS of my day learning to caponize

    Took another pic of our capon today. He does seem to be putting on weight. I think he turned 1yo in Oct.'14. Nice contrast in the head of a yearling cockerel and the capon. I didn't get a shot of his "bum" but he has a wide, fully-feathered rump end just as if you were looking at a hen.
  4. WalkingWolf1

    The Heritage Rhode Island Red Site

    Here are a couple of pics (sorry, lo-qual phone pic) of a young cockerel I got in a small batch of hatchlings from ronniewayne here on BYC. He will be 1yo on 1/2/15. We kept him and two pullets. I've hatched out a few and my boss is raising those. Nice x-lrg eggs and consistent layers. We...
  5. WalkingWolf1

    Is this RIR worth showing

    As Fred pointed out just not the bird to represent the RIR. My first thought when I looked at the first pic was a dark cornish. Got the upright stance and overall look.
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    GRAPHIC PICS of my day learning to caponize

    First shot shows the "neutral" head and I was able to capture some of the essence of his coloring In the second shot he is side by side with a 10 month old Mohawk RR cockerel. I thought it shows nice width on both. You can also see the little hen that is his mother. The little hen with the...
  7. WalkingWolf1

    GRAPHIC PICS of my day learning to caponize

    On these mature birds are you seeing much spur development? I have a capon going on 12 months. Like your bird pictured he has a very "neutral" looking head (almost no comb/minimal wattles). He has spur development -- probably 1/2 the length one would expect on a cock of this age. He has some...
  8. WalkingWolf1

    Delawares from kathyinmo

    That's not a bad little "tent" (2nd pic) for a hatchery bird NMM. Enjoy your birds and learn all you can. If you feel the urge and want to hone your craft I'm sure you will end up with a "higher" quality bird in the end. Just remember, they all lay an egg.
  9. WalkingWolf1

    The Old Folks Home

    If the air cell is still that "free" then I don't feel enough moisture has come out of the shell. What is your average moisture % during incubation? (if you don't know then a brief description on how you control moisture during incubation will be necessary). For the air cell to still be moving...
  10. WalkingWolf1


    Wow -- doesn't sound too good. Don't know what your feed/water routine is at present but I'd incorporate (if available) some Apple Cider Vinegar in their water (use an ounce to a gallon [30mls to 4 liters]) Also, if you have access to some home-made yogurt type product (natural fermentation)...
  11. WalkingWolf1

    Fermenting Feed for Meat Birds

    With CX it don't really matter. If they are awake they will want to eat. The 12 hr on 12 off concept is more about trying to drive them out to forage because they are starving. If you don't have a way for them to get outside (like in the grass with area to get around and dig for bugs and...
  12. WalkingWolf1

    GRAPHIC PICS of my day learning to caponize

    Here is a link of the guy working on the "older" bird. You can see better how he used the "string-tool". It is apparent, this is "normal" activity there. The young lady has the custom basket for transport (I really like baskets made from splits) and she simply gathers her charge and heads off...
  13. WalkingWolf1

    Delawares from kathyinmo

    Not surprising really, as these lines begin to hatch out exponentially you could potentially see a chick or two pop up for a couple (or several) generations. No long corresponding scientific study information substantiating this other than to say "it can happen". Remembering how this all got...
  14. WalkingWolf1

    GRAPHIC PICS of my day learning to caponize

    W O W -- doing some catch up reading and you all have really been busy. Been MIA for a while now and was having a shoulder rebuilt about the time y'all were having the clinic. A Capon Clinic. Ah'ight, how cool was that. I would have loved to been there. Kudos to all that made it happen and...
  15. WalkingWolf1

    GRAPHIC PICS of my day learning to caponize

    Here's your SIGN
  16. WalkingWolf1

    Show Me Your Feeders!!

    I have been using for 6 months now and like all aspects of this feeder. I'm fixing to build another one and thought I'd update with a couple changes I'll make. I'll use 4" fittings (I used 3" on the first one). I considered even trying 2" but after some use realize the error of that thought...
  17. WalkingWolf1

    GRAPHIC PICS of my day learning to caponize

    Was rewatching the "6-second chinese capon video" today and saw another vid of another guy caponizing. In that video it appeared to be a nearly grown bird and through the course of the vid was able to observe his use of the "probe-with-thread" device. I will try his technique the next time I...
  18. WalkingWolf1

    Capons vs. True Capons

    An interesting article I came across as I continue to research global commercial chickenry/caponizing. (my current position: I'm glad I got the tools and glad I have learned to caponize.) EDIT: HaHa -- same article several months ago --...
  19. WalkingWolf1

    GRAPHIC PICS of my day learning to caponize

    Went to a friends this past weekend to caponize a couple of young roosters. These were ~8-9 weeks old. I realized I prefer to do them at 5 weeks -- the testes were a little larger and softer. One split in half but I was still able to retrieve. Birds did well and are none the worse for wear...
  20. WalkingWolf1

    100 Broilers and Fermented Feed Project

    I know, I know -- I took your words TOTALLY out of context (on purpose). I tend to read and process information the same way -- makes life a lot more interesting (people sometimes wonder why I'm smiling at funerals). No fowl intended.
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