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  1. arch_cpj

    German Shorthaired Pointers and Chickens

    Quote: I have 3 gsps and one herds the birds if they get outta the yard and babysits the little ones if they wander too far... The other two avoid the chickens like the plague...
  2. arch_cpj

    What to do with a bully?

    thats why i have a rooster and one bigger than the rest of the flock he puts them bully hens in their place fast... Try getting some no pick paste and put it on a few spots o nthe hen bbeing bugged neck comp etc that will fixz the other smart butts
  3. arch_cpj

    trouble with bears?

    The best fence to deter bears is an High tensile design... use 6 inch corner posts and wood line posts 4 inchers say 25 feet apart use poly spacers in between the line posts 4000 feet of wire is 100 bucks at TSC I reccommend a parmak fencer low impedance use 3 or more ground rods 6 footers. I...
  4. arch_cpj

    Why Aren't My Chickens Laying? Here Are Your Answers!

    Im using a 16 percent complete feed from a local mill and Im not pleased out of 48 birds I get 25 a day... Im thinking Ill swith to a commercial chicken feed and try that... My thoughts are that this feed is mixed by the ton and the results may be lpus or minus a few points.. I have light etc...
  5. arch_cpj

    Heat Lamp

    First to qualify my statements Im a 15 year firemedic and currently a state certified fire investigator and a captain on our FD I cannot over emphasise how pointless it is to use heat lamps in the winter and dangerous... I can recall 2 recent fires caused by heat lamps one a barn full of hogs...
  6. arch_cpj

    Where are folks getting chicks

    Im in Ohio and looking to see where most folks are getting chicks Ive been eying macfarlands in WI but the prices seem high Im looking at mongolians and melanistics
  7. arch_cpj

    Proposed Pheasant Pen

    Quote: Yep I knew I needed the netting and wrap the bottom chicken wire is nice and cheap plus I want to do what i do with my chickens which is run a hot wire 4 - 6 inches off the ground another 14 or so inches and another a little ways up also I would hang cds around it... I just think this...
  8. arch_cpj

    Proposed Pheasant Pen

    Hi folks Im looking to get into raising pheasants next season a small flock to start with Ive been kicking around pen Ideas for a fly way and have determined that the 6 foot tall dog kennels seem to be a good fit as far as ease of construction and cost I priced posts and chainlink and by time I...
  9. arch_cpj

    Dead kitten in laying box? What in the world?

    Maybe Im thinkin too dark here but one why do you think yotes took the pup did you see it happen my reason for askin have you whizzed anyone off or is there creeps about and they are messin with you??? Just another angle personnally a game cam is in order here to see whats up...
  10. arch_cpj

    Chick was attacked by my flock...GRAPHIC PICS!!!

    clean it with some saline dab it dry with a towel and if theres a flp there you can try gluing it with either dermabond from the pharmacy or simple superglue a bit of blukote and your good to go
  11. arch_cpj

    What if I don't provide artificial light?

    We use artificial light as well mine runs from 1730 to 2230 from september until april... Usually right at labor day... I do this to take into account the short days and to maintain my egg production not increase... I also figure it this way the birds only eat in the day light right... If...
  12. arch_cpj

    How many Eggs did you Sell today?

    Quote: We are a family farm 50 acres not huge but I let my hens lay 2 years then I cull half the flock and replace I dont cull til the new ones are laying but this way every year I fet 15 or so nice stew birds and the eggs stay up... Do you eat the older hens? I read somewhere that the meat...
  13. arch_cpj

    Trouble with the neighbor.

    Id of called an attorney already and not just any attorney I use oner out here we call the trustee killer he specializes in township lay and knocks cocky trustees around all the time just got done whuppin on the trustees out here seems they picked a fight with a millionaire...
  14. arch_cpj

    I am shaking...can't believe it.

    hang a mes of cds randomly in the yard also if you can put up a little cloths line we have had good luck with hanging an old white sheet to flap in the wind move it 2 times a week a bit and it is a lively scare crow..
  15. arch_cpj

    Looking for Winter Advice- What do you wish you had known

    Quote: I think Id feel better with a base heater for poultry or making a 5 gallon nipple waterer and putting in a bucket deicer the whole set up will be less that 50 bucks and safe...
  16. arch_cpj

    What time are yours laying?

    we have a flock of 50 and half are laying age now mine lay between 8 and 2 or 3
  17. arch_cpj

    How many Eggs did you Sell today?

    Quote: Around here its about 2 bucks wont get more than 3 a dozen I freerange and only pay 8 a bag for feed our local mill makes there own 16 percent complete includes grit oyster shell etc... The freerange is the key and it gives me a bit of wiggle room on price... as i posted earlier i get...
  18. arch_cpj

    How many Eggs did you Sell today?

    Quote: We are a family farm 50 acres not huge but I let my hens lay 2 years then I cull half the flock and replace I dont cull til the new ones are laying but this way every year I fet 15 or so nice stew birds and the eggs stay up...
  19. arch_cpj

    How many Eggs did you Sell today?

    3 today and like 12 in the last week all my birds are producing I split my flock so 25 started laying 3 - 4 weeks ago the rest buckeyes are a month or so away I have 50 now and will bump up to 75 next year...and I sent soem over to the local butcher hell buy any of my overflow for 2 a dozen...
  20. arch_cpj

    Egg Production Way Down From A Week Ago Plz Help

    sounds like the mites were the issue i like to put a bit of agricultural lime in the coop as well the poultry dust and or 7 works well and a little goes a long way Id dust em again in a week the coop as well might want to consider a couple weeks of 18 percent feed to help em rebound...
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