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  1. lotsachicks

    Silkie chick cuteness overload!

    These six little cuties are from fellow bycer, fowlrus, she has the most amazing birds! I have two buff, three white and one calico. I have been wanting silkies forever, and these fuzzy butts are adorable and so friendly. Chris
  2. lotsachicks

    Silkie chick cuteness overload!

    I finally have SILKIES!!!!!:celebrate:love:love:love:weee:weee:weee:weee:clap:clap:love:love:love:love:weee:weee:weee:weee Chris
  3. lotsachicks

    Blisters with pus on comb....

    I would also check his skin under his feathers for similar lesions, he may have been noshing on your local fire ant colony. Your roosters lesions look similar to mine when he had a go at the ants, he had already had fowl pox at the time, but he also had some bites on surrounding skin. Chris
  4. lotsachicks

    What should I name my chicks?

    they will lay lots of eggs and earn their keep, one must always be on the lookout for chicken mind control, which then leads to chicken math...etc...etc...really, start off well and keep them in their place. Mine started out at 15 chickens, we spoiled them, loved them, gave them names...they...
  5. lotsachicks

    What should I name my chicks?

    dumpling and cacchiatori(sp?) I find these names help them lay better and reminds them of their place.
  6. lotsachicks

    Dry incubation vs. humidity

    I tried the dry incubation theory with my last hatch and lost 70% of my chicks to being shrink wrapped, they were all fully formed and perfect looking just couldnt pip and zip. My first hatch I kept the humidity about 40% for days 1-18, then 65% for lockdown and had a 90% hatch rate. I will not...
  7. lotsachicks

    Ordered 6 chicks-I only want 3-4 chickens-was that the right idea?

    You really do have to account for chicken math. I wanted 5 originally, I now have 30, and planning more. So I think 6 sounds just right....for now.....bwahahaha.
  8. lotsachicks

    emergency incubator?? Egg cheeping!

    When my broody left the nest for good with one egg pipped and two cheeping I brought them in and put them on my heating pad on low setting and kinda folded it over them, I also put a damp paper towel between them for humidity. It worked, I have 3 healthy peeps in the brooder.
  9. lotsachicks

    I hatched from a little blue egg....(pic heavy)

    honestly no clue, do they lay blue eggs too? I do hope she will lay blue, she can go in the olive egger pen and mate with the bcm roo when she grows up.
  10. lotsachicks

    new duck pen almost done (pics)

    The drainage system was the hardest part, mainly because our soil is heavy clay and hard to dig. So we dug down about 3 ft in kind of a v the length of the pen, then placed one of those big (4in I think) pvc pipes that are used for septic tank drain fields, the ones that have the holes in them...
  11. lotsachicks

    new duck pen almost done (pics)

    We spent most of last week finishing up the duck pen, they were living in an old dog kennel which was not big enough and got really smelly. The floor of the new duck pen is a french drain and sooo easy to clean with just the hose. There are still a few things to do, mostly just cosmetic though...
  12. lotsachicks

    Best netting type material ?

    I bought 50' x 50' aviary netting, one inch squares I think, from amazon this past winter for 39.00. I havent put it up yet, but the material looks durable and the price was right. It might be a good place to look. chris
  13. lotsachicks

    Could I use a flipped around trampoline for a run for chickens?

    we did the exact thing you are describing with our first batch of chickens, we didnt flip it though and it still had a top that had some holes, it was great shade in our hot south texas summer. It worked great, we now have a finished coup and run so dont use it anymore, but may again as chicken...
  14. lotsachicks

    I hatched from a little blue egg....(pic heavy)

    if it helps any, she has an itty bitty pea comb and a mohawk, I tried to get a good mohawk shot but she's a little camera shy.
  15. lotsachicks

    I hatched from a little blue egg....(pic heavy)

    But what the heck am I?? She or he is the cutest chick ever and very friendly. She was the last to hatch from our last setting and was seriously shrink wrapped, my DBF had to help her out of her shell, and we didnt think she was going to make it, but she is one tough little bird and came...
  16. lotsachicks

    DIY incubator w/pictures. Added 6 eggs, hope they hatch!

    you may want to find a way to affix the thermostat so that the back of it (the metal part with the hole in it) is facing and about two inches from the light bulb. I also have a homemade incubator and when I changed my thermostat so that the back is close to and faces the bulb( a 60 watt) my...
  17. lotsachicks

    Escape from eggcatraz

    so far the ones that have hatched are RIR x California White Leghorn. Two are yellow and one is black. The leghorn is for sure the mother because they are my only white egg layers. The ones that are hatching now are either RIR x BR or RIR x BA....Now to order some BCM hatching eggs.
  18. lotsachicks

    Escape from eggcatraz

    I have hatching chicks!!! so far two are hatched and two are zipping now!!! 4 have pipped and still waiting on the last 3 to pip. I can now say my homemade incubator is a success! I originally set 12 eggs, one stopped developing in the first week, and at the moment the rest look like they will...
  19. lotsachicks

    I think they're hatching!!!

    At 4pm today one of the eleven eggs in my homemade bator pipped!! This is sooo exciting. 4 1/2 hours later 6 have pipped but none have zipped. How long does this take?? This is my first time hatching, so the past 20 days of sitting on my hands and bitting my nails (not an easy task I will have...
  20. lotsachicks

    Did you decorate your coop/run for Christmas?

    Here's mine...You know your a redneck when you decorate your chicken coop!!
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