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    We raise a couple of different breeds of chickens here in NC, we are fortunate to not live in the city but still not far enough away. We have cochins, polish, oegb, japenese, american game birds and the old reliable buff orps and barred rocks. We have a great pyr that is just starting to learn...
  2. jeffro29

    Blue cochins standard wilmington nc

    I have several blue cochins that need good homes. I have both cockerals and hens. If you want pics I can email them too you. They are all standard size and have good foot feathering. Thanks jeff
  3. jeffro29

    four silkies and silkie/ turken mix wilmington nc

    I have a splash silkie rooster with blue hen and two white hens. The turken cross has 5 toes and black skin.She has given us some beautiful blue showgirls. They are currently broody and sitting but I have WAY to many chickens and well silkies dont really interest me. They were my daughters but...
  4. jeffro29

    ***APRIL EGG SWAP*** !!!!Emails SENT!!!!

    I had one hatch from my batch but still fun anyway.
  5. jeffro29


    Got my eggs today all in good shape. Thanks to my swap partner, dont know what they are but hopefully they will hatch for me
  6. jeffro29

    My Mean Neighbors are taking the next step! RANT!!!

    I too wish you luck with the whole thing. The only thing about your problem is the lawyer that is involved which in any case means money. I hope all turns out well and keep us posted. jeff
  7. jeffro29

    What keeps SNAKES away?

    Some of the oldtimers around here suggested putting a black hose down on the ground along the back of the yard. They said another snake will not cross it because they think it is a black snake that will eat them. It is an old wives tale but some people believe it will work. I dont know but you...
  8. jeffro29

    Deer netting works great for snakes

    We take and twist or bunch it up, lay it on the ground beside the fence. The snakes seem to crawl through it making them go right into the net holes and they can not back up. The more they push through the more they are stuck in it. I like it because we have alot of copperheads and moccasins...
  9. jeffro29

    Deer netting works great for snakes

    We have been putting deer netting around our fence for a couple of years now and it works very well for catching snakes. So far this year we have caught 6. The best thing about it is it doesn't kill the snake right away you have the chance to let it go if it is a good snake. This might help some...
  10. jeffro29

    Porcelain d uccle rooster pick up only wilmington nc

    I have a d uccle rooster in need of a home. I dont have a hen for him and I am not interested in breeding, just needs a good home. My daughter had to give up all of her birds and this is one of many that I cant keep. Thanks jeff I will try and post picture later today.
  11. jeffro29

    Blue/Gray Large Fowl Cochin

    He looks like a blue and their feet should be yellow. Our rooster acts the same way doesnt push the issue but after awhile all the hens want to be with him. I dont know what color you would get because we keep all of ours seperated. The cochins are neat to have around they both look good and I...
  12. jeffro29

    What kind of snake am I?

    Looks just like the water snakes that have been prowling around the yard. If you can just move it and he will go about his job else where. We have had about 5 come in the yard this year has to be mating season for them to be so far from the creek. Good luck Jeff
  13. jeffro29

    Wanted: NC - Young Bantam Cochin Pullets & 1 Young STD Cochin Roo

    Hey we should have a blue cochin roo that is about 12 weeks old maybe a little younger. Just send me a pm and I will try and get you a pic of him. Richlands is about 45 minutes from here. Jeff I also have some that are younger also, forgot to add that.
  14. jeffro29

    ***APRIL EGG SWAP*** !!!!Emails SENT!!!!

    pdsavage wrote: I have 1 egg left .... Hope the ones I sent did better.... Sorry they didnt do any better than that. I tried to 28 cochin eggs that were shipped and had only four hatch, still it is aggravating.
  15. jeffro29

    breeders...culls what do you do with yours?

    We always sell our culls most roosters I know people eat and alot of people just want some kind of hen to lay eggs. If they are sold from the house I always try and find out what people want them for and tell them they are good for pets, layers etc. Most of my culls just dont have enough foot...
  16. jeffro29

    Online CRAZY EGG CHAIN lets play

    I will take GL cochins and offer polish- mix of blue and buff laced ( seperate pens) They are standard forgot to say that
  17. jeffro29

    Pretty sure we have mites

    sevin dust. We give them a good dusting also you will need to do coop and all. Make sure to wear a mask when you do it just becareful around the head. good luck jeff
  18. jeffro29

    Single Breed or Multi?

    You cant have just one breed it just aint right You can try one breed but if you have room you will want more and more and more it never ends trust me
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