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  1. tressiah

    Beagle puppies due June 25th Lafayette, In---There here!!

    I'd love to get a female beagle, . the problem is we also have a donkey, and with older dog, it's hard for the donkey to learn to trust. I do'nt know where LAFAYETTE so please PM me with a mile distance & general location. We live in the middle of 85 acres, with corn & soybeans Thanks T
  2. tressiah

    New to Rabbits......... have ????? need answers

    hi, I have some escaaapees, and, the little dickens are hard to catch !!! took3 days and lots of apples & carrots the rabbits were in seperate boxes, I was told they were all female, but with the plush being aggressive all the time, it may need seperate quarters. I will be doubling eye-balling...
  3. tressiah

    ID snake please

    hey gamblergirl, don't feel bad, my 285# husband calls me to kill the snakes, good or bad!!! LOL of course I call him to kill the spiders, so we are even !
  4. tressiah

    New to Rabbits......... have ????? need answers

    Thanks for all the advice ! I am off to work now, and will do the sex check this afternoon when I get home. They do eat a lot of green beans, apples, and I cchange the litter every other day the plush is the more agressive, pushes the others around, and hogs the chow. I will keep everyone...
  5. tressiah

    New to Rabbits......... have ????? need answers

    OK, so I go to the livestock auction over in Lowell, IN, looking for ducks, and found Indian Runners(5) mixed with GKW Latte, Cappichino, Frappichino,Mocha & Expresso, Beautiful Colors, Nevertheless, here are these bunnies, and I just couldn't help myself, I come with 4, a lionhead, a plush, a...
  6. tressiah

    Help! Found Bird! What is it?

    it looks like a pheasant chick to me as well. I did hatch 4 under a broody hen, BUT my housekeeper's kids that it was fun to feed them & killed them. Personally, I would take this as a sign from God !
  7. tressiah


    hey, are we referring to the same animal by different names ? These ground hogs look like overgrown hamsters, with brown hair, Mama & at least 2-3 babies. I thought woodchucks were more live in the wild eat tree bark & leaves stuff ! Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think they are...
  8. tressiah

    Spur Bleed ?

    I did spray the spurs with blu-kote, keep that in the chicken house, never tried the hacksaw method, maybe give it a shot ! Hey DT, where in MS ? I was born & raised there ! NE MS, North of Tupelo, 30 miles or so ! Booneville !
  9. tressiah

    Amputated a chicken's leg today

    Such a brave thing to do ! Amazing what we will do for those we love, isn't it ? I had to trim my CT's ( crooked toe) claws,( Barred Rock ) and she was so sweet & gentle, loved her dearly 'til she passed away. I pray she recovers quickly ! T
  10. tressiah


    Thanks ! The holes are a bit of a nuisance, but I can tolerate that just by watching the little varmints playing in the yard !
  11. tressiah

    Spur Bleed ?

    How do you trim ? I am using the plier grip, twist & pull method, and the entire old shell of the spur comes off ! It looks like a ram's horn ! It did stop bleeding as far as I know, this was about an hour ago, 8 PM'ish. He is very gentle, lets our 22 month old grandson rub him , & eats mash out...
  12. tressiah


    Ok, I have a family of Groundhogs living under my barn, and My chicken house is inside the barn, Concrete floor, double latched, do I need to worry about the groundhogs ? I watch them come out into the yard, and play, the donkey ignores them , I haven't had any trouble yet, but don't want the...
  13. tressiah

    Spur Bleed ?

    I was using the twist off method to reduce Jacque's spur's when it began bleeding ! I used Talcum powder & it stopped after a minute or2, is this safe, I intend to get stiptic powder tomorrow, I have to dothis every 2-3 months, else he has trouble walking, because the spurs get so long ...
  14. tressiah

    Looking to buy Female Pekins

    I lost my girls to a coyote, and my drake, ( injured in attack) is lonely. I have reinforced the fence, raised the house, and made it as secure as I can. If anyone with reasonable driving Distance has Female Pekins, I would surely be interested, prefer females, over 6 months, please reply & I...
  15. tressiah

    Baby pekins for sale Indiana

    Hello, do you still have those Pekin Ducklings for sale ? I'd really be interested since I lost my girls to a coyote, and My drake is lonely. Have since repaired the fence, re-inforced the house, and believe it to be as critter proof as I can get it. We are in Beecher Il., 10 minutes from Cedar...
  16. tressiah

    Lost 2 hen ducks last night

    It's chicken wire fencing, reinforced with the small 1/2 inch square hole fencing. There is no top, so what eber it was took them over the top. There are no holes in the fence. I think I need a taller fence, a battery and some jumper cables.
  17. tressiah

    And the award for 'Best Use of a Spear Gun' goes to.....

    Where can I get one of those ? I'm serious ! My husband won't let me take ther rifle, even tho I am a better shot, and there are any scurvvy little critters that need to be sent away for eating my flock of chickens & ducks !
  18. tressiah

    Lost 2 hen ducks last night

    I really need some help here. I lost my last 2 hen ducks last night. They were taken out of a secured ? House, feathers everywhere inside & outside yard, no blood to be found of any significance. They have a fully fenced enclosure, 4 foot fence, and @ night they are in an igloo type dog house...
  19. tressiah

    A fox just got one of my Barred was just a few feet away..

    I have a Llasha-Poo, (?) spelled wrong, I know, He barks @ everything, and does not repeat, does not go after my hens ! He goes in to chicken house with me, to check things out, and will help me herd the strays back into the house , should they jump the fence on the enclosed yard ! Only 10-12 #...
  20. tressiah

    Ewe Sheep and buck baby...such PESTS!

    thanks for the info ! I have been begging my better half for a ' sweet baby lamb', but now, .I'll do without. I have 2 nubian females, 1 sweet donkey 3 ducks, and of course my babies, 18 barred rocks, 1 buff, 3 arcanubas, a wonderful mix that a sheep just would'nt fit in:D
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