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    Should I have water and feed in the coop? Pro's & Con's

    This thread was so helpful! I will be transitioning my first 5 chicks from the brooder to their coop and run in 3 weeks. We are in North Florida so don't have severe winter issues, but have still been trying to decide where we should locate the feed and water. Thank you for asking and for all...
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    Starting chicks in a North Florida winter

    Small. The house is 16 sf & the run is 32. We don’t plan to keep more than 4-5 chickens.
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    Starting chicks in a North Florida winter

    Our chicken coop will FINALLY be finished in just a few weeks. Thankfully, I listened to advice warning against ordering chicks until the coop is officially complete! The coop is enclosed with 4 nesting boxes and an attached run. My flock will be small - 5 max. Once it is ready to go I plan...
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