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  1. thegoldengirls

    HELP! It look oms like my duck is missing an eye!

    Vetericyn eye wash is something I keep on hand. Works great for foamy eye and irritations. However, if you think the eye is ruptured or gone, it won't do anything. You'll need an antibiotic ointment to keep infection away. If you can keep her eating and free of infection, she'll survive, but at...
  2. thegoldengirls

    Khaki Campbell raise their young?

    I've had 15 in one nest hatch. Shouldn't be a problem.
  3. thegoldengirls

    Khaki Campbell raise their young?

    Is there a way to separate the rest from the two sitting? That would also stop others from trying to invade the nests.
  4. thegoldengirls

    Khaki Campbell raise their young?

    Here they are.
  5. thegoldengirls

    Khaki Campbell raise their young?

    I have Khakis. First hatch was from the only hen I had. She successfully hatched 14 ducklings. She was with one drake and they were in their own pen. They stayed together until adults. Second hatch was last weekend. 5 females contributed to this nest. I did not plan on letting it happen, so we...
  6. thegoldengirls

    New Ducklings! Surprise!

  7. thegoldengirls

    New Ducklings! Surprise!

    Thanks! They're Khaki Campbell. We started a few years ago with 4. Let our only hen have one hatch, and ended up with 14 ducklings. 2 casualties over the past couple years put us at 16. Rehomed 7 last summer. We now have 16 again...but we love them!
  8. thegoldengirls

    New Ducklings! Surprise!

    We kept breaking up the nest and taking eggs. She finally got sneaky and burried them, and then very protective. Now we have these 7 cuties!
  9. thegoldengirls

    Beak injury on hen

    That is quick, so I would not think necrosis. Maybe just bruise from eating like you suggested, or caused by an over zealous pen mate that wanted what she had.
  10. thegoldengirls

    Pullet with cut foot

    Sounds like you're doing well with helping them heal. I would suggest just making sure there is lost of "cushioning" under perches to help keep them from breaking open when jumping down.
  11. thegoldengirls

    Beak injury on hen

    Looks like potential beak necrosis. My understanding is that feed could build up in the beak and cause rot, or an injury could cause it. Did it just appear, or do you think it could have happened over time? I'm sure a vet may have suggestions to help stop it from progressing. Best of luck to...
  12. thegoldengirls

    Eye problem

    Vetericyn ointment is what I keep around for eye irritations. It helps keep it moist and clean, and is medicated, but not harsh. Most farm and feed stores should have it. Just be careful not to let it get into the nostrils.
  13. thegoldengirls

    Injured hen

    Are you able to tell if something is broken, maybe a little out of alignment. I know you can try splinting if needed. Or, it may just be badly bruised and just needs time to mend. Separation is good idea. Somewhere she can't perch, so she doesn't jump or fall and make it worse. Good luck to...
  14. thegoldengirls

    What Breed are these cuties?!

    #2 looks Khaki. #1 looks too light for Khaki. If they're from same hatch, maybe they're mix. Either way they're cute. I'll even go as far as guessing #1 Drake, #2 you'll have to update again in a couple months. ;-)
  15. thegoldengirls

    Found hen dead in coop----broken neck?

    In the years that I've had chickens, I've had several pass just because it was their time. There were a few that were found with their heads turned back to the side. They were definitely not falls or trauma. I think it's just how they go..maybe a reflex.
  16. thegoldengirls

    Rooster or Hen?

  17. thegoldengirls

    What Breed are these cuties?!

    I agree with Papagena. Look like my khaki Campbell's when they were ducklings.
  18. thegoldengirls

    Need DIY help making 5 Gallon bucket Waterer

    Has anyone successfully made one? I'd like to make one from a hanging bucket for chickens... something that will last a few days and stay clean.
  19. thegoldengirls

    AAuuggghhh!! UPDATED with pics!

    The rescue babies are growing and have started laying! I was sure they were leghorn, first couple eggs were beautiful little white ones. However, my daughter found a larger light brown egg in the hay in our goat barn. Now I'm thinking White Rock is possible? They have longer tail feathers and...
  20. thegoldengirls

    Oh no! Chicken run caved in.

    I knew it would happen eventually, I just can't believe it was tonight! I've had a tarp over half the run to give the chickens a place to scratch around and get out of the sun. It's held up through the heavy snows this winter and the heavy rain falls... even a tornado! But this downpour we just...
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