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  1. lynnehd

    Tiny hole poked in egg

    Hey, I have 4 chickens, two of them are 20+ weeks old. The Australorp started laying eggs fairly consistently, small but very sturdy shelled, about 2 weeks ago. The first one was in the run, intact, but since then they have all been in the same nestbox. The other same aged hen, a Welsummer...
  2. lynnehd

    Young bully hen

    I have three 13 week pullets (Barred Rock, Welsummer, Australorp) raised from 1 day of age. They got a long reasonably well. I purchased two Turken chicks, raised separately and then integration into the coop was begun when they were 5-6 weeks old. They were separated in view with their own...
  3. lynnehd

    Gender of 4.5 week old Turken

    (I posted on the Turken thread too, then realized this was a better location). I have two Turken chicks that I will be adding to my flock soon (they spend nice days in an area next to the 7 week chicken coop). She feathered in fairly quickly, is she a she? TIA.
  4. lynnehd

    New member from SW Washington

    Hello! I do not have chickens yet, but I am loving the information on this site. I have been analyzing my suburban yard (yes, we can have chickens, not roosters, per our city ordinances), to decide on the best site for my coop, and whether to build a permanent coop or have a mobile coop that...
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